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Profile Picture: That right there, is the gorgeous (Anthony) Caleb Followill, lead singer of Kings of Leon, in the days when his hair was long, and he didn't let his beard grow, and he was skinny and sorta looked like a girl. Still love him now, but I adored him when he looked like this...swoon...he's so pretty...

Name: Savannah

Age: 21

Location: London

About Me: I'm an English Literature student who loves to read and write. Honestly, I read anything. I write poems, songs and I've written a few stories over on, but I've never written an original story. I decided I wanted to create my own, completely new characters. I mean, fanfiction is fun, but I wanted to extend my creativity a little more, you know? Make up my own names, and descriptions of characters, and places, instead of using someone else's. I only write Twilight fanfiction over on, but most of the characters in my stories are completely out of character from the characters in the actual Twilight series, so I figured it wouldn't be much different creating my own characters. I mean, I was practically already doing that.

If you're interested, check out my fanfiction stories.

If you want, follow me on twitter.

Another thing I love is music. And again, I'm not fussy. I'll listen to anything, all genres. My favourite band, however, is Kings of Leon. I adore them! I have all four of their albums, three t shirts saying, 'Kings of Leon', a keyring, a mug, a huge poster in my room. LOL. I tend to mention them, or something about them in most of my stories because of my slight obsession. LOL.

Things I enjoy reading:

- Smut with plot. I enjoy the dirty stuff, but I like it to have a storyline too, you know? Gratuitous sexin' gets boring after a while.

- Angst. I love love love angst. I don't like stories where everything is perfect.

- Slash. It's fucking hot. Nuff said.

- Romance. What girl doesn't love a good love story?

- Humour. Stories that have me cracking up are EPIC. Now angst AND humour together? If there's a story that can mould the two together perfectly, please send it my way!

I'm new to this site, and I know it's probably difficult finding good stories coz you have to search and sift through all the not-so-good stories, so I'd really appreciate any recommendations that could fit under the 'Things I enjoy reading'. If you can recc a story to me that has all my five, favourite components, I'll love you. Seriously. LOL.

Random Facts about me:

- I like swear words.

- I don't like apples. Or pears.

- I'm from North London, England.

- I reply to all signed reviews.

- I don't smoke.

- I like to get drunk every once in a while with my girlies. LOL.

- I think I have an addictive personality.

- I don't wanna get old.

- I'm left handed.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All of the stories posted under the penname, Savannah-Vee, belong to Savannah-Vee. Please do not steal. Plagarism is THEFT.

Hot Mr. Scott

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