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Hey everyone since I have been recieving e-mails asking about purchasing some of my stories let me say that I will let everyone know once that option is available. I need to finish the stories first however. Thank you for your interest!All of the stories that were on this site will be able to be found on wattpad . com. I will begin posting today. I will try and update as often as I can. I am about to take on a really tough class though so I will not be able to post Daily. I am also only going to start with a hand full of stories. I have decided (So i don't get strangled by some) the following stories will be posted first. 1) Chased by the Gods 2) Shalace- a world of Fae 3) Light in the Darkness 4) Water Goddess.. I will add one more. send me a message with the story not already listed you want to read the most. If it's listed it will be posted.FYI to find me on the other site put in Skylinger under quick search and I pop up. Not sure why I don't just pop up. Could be since the account is new. Also still trying to figure out how to do the rating thing there. Shalace I put as PG-13 the other is R. you have to allow all ratings for Chased by the Gods to show up. Have a great night!Hi everyone! Alright so here is the deal. I just made a cross half country move and yeah still get things unpacked. I still feel bad I had to take down my stories but I have honestly not had time to search out other sites. I have been told of a few. So I will check them out today. Thank you to all who suggested sites to me. I will post tomorrow and let you know where I have moved stories to. I also want to let you know that I will post things here that are in an academic website. Then I can prove it's mine. =o) I have also decided to bring back Obsession of Dracula. Any questions send me a message.I will continue my stories. Once I have them on a secured site or they are published I will let you know. I am very sorry to dissapoint so many of my fans. It saddens me as well. I enjoyed writing and posting my stories and recieving your comments. Even the ones that told me something I needed to improve on. I have unfortunately learned I'm also not the only one this has happened to. One of my fans told me another Author had the unfortunate experience of picking up a book at walmart only to discover it was his story. I promise to let everyone know when the stories are finished. Especially *Chased by the Gods, *Shalace, *Light in the Darkness, *Enforcer's Daughter* and *Water Goddess*. Thank you for reading my stories. I will continue the stories on fanfiction but at the moment I am moving so it will be a few weeks.


Due to some unfortunate attempts on some of my stories I have discontinued updating stories until the site makes changes and people are no longer able to copy and paste. I have also removed stories I had on this site. I know this sucks and I am sorry. I still have stories on fanfiction which I will update. However i am in the process of moving so it will not be regular at this time. Some versions of stories I had on this site will continue on fanfiction. Including one which will appeaR under Percy JacksoN. iT WILL HAVE ELEMENTS OF WATER GODDESS BUT WILL BE DIFFERENT. as for any others I have not yet decided. If I pu them on another siter i will let post it. as will i once people can not copy and paste from this site.

Sorry everyone. I can't stand it when people try or do steal anothers ideas.


3-28-11 Thank you to Sharky 237 who has agreed to Beta Chased by the God's for me. If anyone is intereested in being my Beta for Water Goddess please let me know. I am also in need of a Beta for Light in the Darkness as I have just lost that Beta as well due to her schedule.


3-24-11 Hey everyone! I will try and update something before 10am tomorrow, but i'm not finished with any of the chapters i'm currently working on. If it isn't updated by then it won't be updated before Sunday Night. But'll I'll try. Have a great weekend everyone! Oh and I have taken Blood of the Slayer down. This is the title that was supposed to be used for an entirely differnt story and I still want to use it for that story. I have decided I will write this story the way I would have liked it to be written but it will have a new name. Not sure what yet but I will post it when I do it. However it wont be right away as I have other stories I am working on. For those of you that are not members you can send me an e-mail at But i reccomend becoming a member. It doesn't cost anything and you don't have to write to be a member.


I enjoy writting and now that I have found fanfiction and fiction Press I will be sharring my stories. I enjoy stories of Vampires, Shifters, Labyrinth, and other Fantasy and Sci-fi stories. I will try to always keep my stories moving. It drives me crazy when others only post once every month or two! When I read a story I look for updates. Hope you enjoy my creations! I Welcome reviews and comments always.

I will update stories consistently. Some stories may be updated more often than others. Reviews are helpful but that is not what I base a stories popularity by. I tend to get far more private messages than reviews. Not sure why that is. I due check the amount of traffic my stories recieve. Either way stories will most likely be updated at least once every other week. The exception being if I hit writers block. Hangs head Sadly it happens to all writers from time to time. Some will have weekly updates. I also welcome comments about specific characters. If you happen to really like a particular character let me know. If their is a character that you would like to see more of let me know that as well. There may be times I can use the character you like for parts in my stories. I reply to review questions both directly to the person and in Author's notes on the following chapter. If you are asking a question you can be sure someone else has the same question and those who are not members are not able to ask.

Thank you to all of you who read my stories whether or not you leave a review. But I REALLY like reviews! It only takes a minute to review. I currently have four Labyrinth Stories and Three Vampire stories in the works in Now that I am on fiction Press as well I will be adding other stories here. They will be vampire, shifter, fantasy, and sci-fi. I will post no Labyrinth stories here. That's what fanfiction is for. Allthough if you are interested in checking out my fanfic stories Skylinger is my Penn name there as well.

I respond to all questions directly to the person that asks as well as in the review section. I will put information there for all to see. I understand not everyone is a registered member that reads my stories. Everyone can currently leave a review even if you are not a member of this site. I love Reviews! Please indicate story you are reviewing or commenting on. I love Comments Too!

Thanks Again!


I have added Beta's to my stories. Because I am writting so many different stories I thought it best to have someone double check me. I do Not want the quality of my stories to go down. If you are interested in being a Beta for one of the stories please let me know.

Light in the Darkness - werewolf/vampire -Beta

Water Goddess- Fantasy/ Romance - Beta

Chased by the God's - Fantacy/Romance- Beta

The Warrior Prince - Romance (flamesflyer)

DEFENNDED BY lOVE- Romance (Secret Scribe)

The Visionary - Vampire- BETA - (xxDarknessxfallsxx)

Claimed BY The Czar of Tigers -Romance/ Supernatural- BETA- (SW33TDAISIE)

Shalace: A World of Fae -Fantasy/Romance- BETA - (Sw33tDaisie)

The Unknown Starchild - Sci-fy/ Romance. Beta-(Secret Scribe)

Fae Moon - Romance/Fantasy - Beta-(Avrael)

The Enforcer's Daughter - Romace/Supernatural - Beta- (Vampyre Eternal) This story will be reloaded even though it's complete. My Beta is going to go through and completely edit it. I'm sure there will be som additional descriptions added. she's good at catching me when I miss something. =o) It will show in progress again because I will be uploading chapters again. Though those of you that have been fans from the begining already know the outcome of this story. =o)

Dark Secrets - Supernatural/Romance- Beta-(vampyre-eternal)

You can find other stories I've written on

Stories you can not find on fiction Press are:

Entrapment of the Peach -Labyrinth- Jareth has been waiting.One bite of Peach sealed her fate and Jareth will have what is his.This story begins one way but is filled with unexpected twists.No Humor. Jareth is vengeful and he isn't the only one. M

Journey of Two Queens - Labyrinth-Jareth is offered a way to regain power over Sarah. With his acceptance Sarah becomes entangled in a journey that may make her Queen of the Goblins and a tomboy Queen of the Underground. Centers on Sarah and Ari. J/S and OC/OC. T

Fight for Love - Labyrinth- Sarah and Jareth miss each other but can only be together if she finds her way back to the underground before Midnight on Beltane. The High Queen can't help but maybe her daughter can. Even if Sarah finds her way she may have to fight to claim her King T

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