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Updated August 15th, 2018

Now that enough time passed for me to know what to say in this little blurb about myself I really think I should fill it up with useful and meaningless facts. Take 'em or leave 'em, they are all about who I am; No lies.

- Female. (Last time I check this is still accurate.)
- Live in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Actually North Las Vegas, Nevada. Not many people know the difference except us locals.) (Yeah, Still in Las Vegas.)
- 24 years old. (28, almost 29... Don't remind me.)
- Absolutely and positively a homosexual. (This will never change.)
- I rock men's small plain white t-shirts better than any Hane's or Fruit of the Loom model. (Still do this, but now I wear other colors too.)
- Extremely short hair. (It's longer now, and blonder.)
- At this moment in time I am listening to Justin Timberlake on Spotify. (Listening to Rick and Morty, don't judge.)
- No, I don't get my nails or toes done. (But I do get my eyebrows waxed.)
- Completely obsessed with Batman. (Never doubt this, ever.)
- Two amazing and terrorizing dogs who are more human than most of my friends. (Laying next to me now,)
- No college. (Maybe soon.) (Went, did it, and now trying to go back and finish it.)
- Listening to Five Finger Death Punch now... (The AC just kicked on.)
- I wish I was at least three more inches taller. (5'4" isn't enough for me.) (Every year on my birthday.)
- Gym junkie. ) (Ha, HAHAHAHAHA, Ha.)
- I absolutely hate... HATE white socks. (Black Shoe Nation over here.)

Can't really think of anything else at this moment. I lied I could think of a million things but most of them would be completely useless and bore you to death. On to the good stuff...

I write. I don't always post. I don't always finish. But I write. Not because I have to. Not because I want to. Not because it takes up free time. But because it truly is a part of who I am. I'm not the completed individual I've found if I do not write. It's my own way of massaging my stress and meaningless days away. It completes my day. I literally think about writing every single day. I should be a professional writer if I feel this way, yes I know. I already know. I hate failure. So I take my time on becoming more open to the idea of being known. Going back to school to write is a daily conversation I have with myself. Blog, journal, short stories, poems, skits, screen plays, reviews, etc. I write. I never tried and I never took a class, I was just always able to write. Natural talent. Oh yeah, I have a little bit of confidence in myself.

Well... I can't seem to want say really anymore right now. Listening to Lil Wayne...


Update: Currently right now my dogs are staring at me with blank faces as I ask them whether or not this could be a brilliant idea or a complete and total disaster. Salutes to the Rainbow was in a coma and wasn't planning on rejoining the world, ever. Well, that changed within the last couple of weeks because I can't seem to start any of my other stories until I finish this one. It's blocking all other forms or creativity, literally. But I've also accepted that I must rewrite it. Start over. Take the base and recreate it. Of course it's still going to have the same characters but a lot has changed for me and this story in the past three to four years. So... Yes I'm going to rewrite it. And then I can continue with For the Love of Nothing, Wash it all Away, Handcuffs and Hatred, It's a Gamble, and Truly American.

I know, I know already. You've never heard of most of those stories. Well, that's because they aren't published. The names might change but they too, are a working progress. But like I said I must finish the first before I can move on to the rest.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thought I had a couple loyal beta readers, but they have lives and since they are my friends I completely understand. Just message me and let me know if you're interested. Thanks!


More Recent Update: I'm currently going through a divorce, and the more I'm open about it and talk about it the easier it is for me to accept the idea. Once this action took place my writers block was lifted entirely. Go figure right? So I'll fix what I've meant to fix and finish and start and create so much you won't know what to do with yourselves. Wish me luck!


August 15th, 2018 UPDATE: It's been awhile... a LONG while... Well, I'm still here. Still here struggling through this writers block and doubt, but don't worry, everything is starting to come back. Slow at first but now it's starting to put pressure on my hands and brain and everything else. I'm engaged, and rediscovering myself again, and if you didn't know Nevada has recently legalized quite a few new things which definitely help with clearly all my mental blocks. Well, enjoy what comes soon. Perhaps in a fortnight, because this rust isn't just falling off. Until then, wish me luck?


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