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Hey. Anything that you need to know/randomly pops into my head will be posted below this pointless note. Why bother writing a pointless note? Because I have no life.

The Penname: If you're thinking it sounds kind of stupid, that's because it does. Honestly, it just popped into my head and since it sounded half cool and half mildly-retarded I thought it was perfect. I welcome you to address me by any derivative of it besides Gum.

The Girl: I'm fairly normal. Average height. Shitty glasses. My three loves are good stories, music and sleeping- regarding the first two, I think I usually have pretty good taste, but sometimes that and my common sense go AWOL. There are a myriad of other likes I could bore you with, but I'll stop there. I dislike drugs, smoking, and most assholes(sometimes being one myself, I appreciate the funny ones). If I was one of the seven deadly sins I'd be sloth. I really don't have a favorite band, I listen to whatever I feel like. I warn you that if I make a rec you might not like it- you might even hate it. I just say this 'cause I don't want to get bitched at- like I said, I am at times tasteless. At the moment a band I listen to a lot is Simon & Garfunkel. They're this awesomesauce folk-ish band, and the way their voices blend is amazing. I have this whole (mental)list of bands/albums I should check out, but if you want to rec some music you like I'd be happy to listen- if it's a band you know/are in/really like and I decide I like it I'd be happy to pimp it for you, though I don't know how much influence I would have over people of the internet who stumble over this page.