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Helloooooooo~ And thank you for reading this! *
I am Rigoletto~ And I do enjoy writing stuff... Yes I call it stuff, because it need soooo much editing before it can be called a story XD

I have currently only written things of shonen ai and yaoi, but I believe I can write normal stories too. At least I think so. Maybe I should start writing something like it. XD

I enjoy book and manga on equal level. My favourite manga artist is Kaori Yuki and I have a small one shot of Astaroth at -.- It's not very good though. XD So I stick to original stories. Other manga artists I like are: Katsura Hoshino (D.Gray - man), Shino Inada (Ghost Hunt), Han Seung Hee (A Night of a thousand dreams) and lots more. :D

Favourite individual characters from different mangas would be: Shiki (Togainu no Chi), Sesshomaru (Inyhasha), Kira/Lucifer or Lucy how we call him as well as Astaroth (A+S) and some more... I'll add when I remember.

My favourite author's are: Anne Rice, Kelly Armstrong, Sherry Riot, Cassandra Clarey, James Patterson and Loreanth Heath. It's a wide range of type of novels, and I love each a lot.

Music, of course, is a big influence. And bands like HIM, Apocalyptica and the like have had my heart for years. Recently I've become a big fan of Buck Tick (thanks to Kaori Yuki :D ) but sometimes when I write I listen to the soundtrack of Sweeney Todd. So who knows :D

About my stories:

1 ~Rooftop series~

The first part of Rooftop series is Rooftops: The man and the boy. Which was influenced by Poison'd 's story 'The Start of it all' which had only an introduction 1 chapter and since the author didn't update I guess I used the idea with my own approach. But generally the meeting was at first hand though of how Kozi found a new lead singer for the band Malice Mizer, only later it entwined with Poison'd 's idea and became what it is. Hence Kai is nothing like Kozi.

A new beginning was supposed to be a couple of chapters of continuation, and well... XD my friends and I liked it far too much to leave it at 'couple' of chapters.

I have really fallen in love with all the characters so naturally I am still writing about them. Thus how 'The Curtain Falls' is with us.

2 ~Teien no Hana~

Was originally a dream where I saw only the end dance. Looking back at the story, I am quite upset with myself that the ending was so... dull. I think of re-writing it with different details.

I was thinking of continuing the story with a different emperor and Tsuki-chan, but due to the responses for the ending, I think I will better concentrate on something else.

3 ~Black Sheep~

Is just something I had to write, because I loved the character, but I had nothing written about him. I hope to include him in Rooftop series as soon as possible. But that won't be anytime soon :D Or at all. And I just love his name Jocyl~ Dunno how that came to me.

4 ~ Money and Gold~

And again Jocyl appears, though in 19th century setting. This was mostly influenced by romance novels that I've read of that time. :D It is supposed to be garand drama of a love triangle, but let's see how it goes.

5 - ~ Sister of Charity ~

This story, along with Rooftop series, I think is one of my favourites currently. And it’s my newest one. And here’s another first – it’s straight... XDI know... first I have published. But let’s see how it goes. And it’s about darling Lucas~, have I ever mentioned that he’s one of my favourite characters? Yes... well he is. XD

Now... the name came naturally, as when I started writing the piece the 69 eyes’ Sister of Charitywas playing in the background. So obviously I went with it. I plan to have the piece 6 chapters long, but that might change if I continue with the story. Which I hope I will, and not leave it unfinished... like so many others.

-x-x- Anyway. It seems I currently have 2 or 3 stories going on at the same time, and the juggling is a bit hard.

But I hope you will read them, and like them. I love when people write to me, and I like to talk about my stories and the characters, a pass time I often push on my friends. XD So if you don't have much to do, drop a like ;)


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