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Hello I am Azarthes. I am a very dark writer and passionately write what I feel is a needed thing for me to write. Reader digression is highly advised for my work. I am serious about that. Anyways a little bit about me.

If Google 'Azarthes' you will probably find a series of usernames that are all me. I've been everywhere and anywhere I've even taken a stroll in your dreams. Seriously I was walking in your dreams, you died in that one it was pathetic how you whimpered. Yeah, so if you look around I'm sure you'll understand a more about my rambling and ADD taken personality... You also might find me to be a bit mean. I'm just a very bold and assholish personality. I also cuss a lot so don't complain about it because I will end your life. Seriously you'll just choke to death, right there and anything. Like you will explode after-wards. Just for defying my will for it shall be done. Your life for Azarthes, see that was a play on 'My life for Auir'. I made a funny, laugh now >

So anyways I rambled, I do that a lot even in my writings like I'll write something and I'll start rambling and well it just goes down from there ._. yeah.