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Holy...fucking...GOD! How long has it been?? 8 years?! Dear fuck, what have I been doing? Oh, that's right! I've been RPing and writing one-shots of my own characters. Honestly...I've been meaning to come back but life happened *shrugs* Oh well! I do have plans~ Gonna revamp the profile and everything!

Expected new work!!

Mostly just random smut anyone in the Family can come up with in their free time. Shameful, I know.

Fruity Siblings: Yeah, I think the title is enough.

Loving Your Elders: Not explaining this one either. If I did, there would be spoilers...and I don't like spoilers.

In-progress work

"YOLO, right?"...keep your panties on please. We know you've been waiting for this.

Sweet Revenge: We're trying to get this ending just right for all of you.

Adventures on Sex-Ed Academy Island: I know it says "completed", but I honestly wanna try to end this story with a HUGE climax. Heh, see what I did there?

One-Shot Collections: Don't even ask about that. I'm not ready to discuss that one just yet, which is why it's at the bottom of the list.


See, what happened was...YEP! We're doing it again.

Lesson Learned...I just wanted an excuse to be a bitch and write something like this haha!

Indecent Incest...oh hell yeah. We're doing this again. We should be illegal.

A Prince and his Mistress...this is gonna take some time. First chapter should be up by March of next year...hopefully.

Love Thy Neighbors...this is something Rebel and Angel wanna do, so I really have to think about letting them do it.

If you have any requests for a sequel, just PM us and we'll discuss it. Sadly, it's just me and my boyfriend at this point. Rebel is in Germany with his dad so he's out...

Until next time~


One Night by XrapesexX reviews
Spend one night as a know you want to! read and review! Really explicit and in 1st person! ONE-SHOT! Enjoy!
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Irony of the Gods reviews
Javan "Jamie" Godly and Michael Adon have to deal with a dark, three year secret that could ruin their lives. Will their secret be revealed? Or will the irony of the Gods keep them safe? *Introducing Heartless Dick (my brethren) as our new editor* Non-slash since Javan is a girl.
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I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself. I love my boyfriend, or rather I used to. I just don't know how to tell him about my unfaithful secret.
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**UPDATED** OK! High school lover's Greg and Miya are waiting for their friend after school. During this time, Greg gets an idea. However, a certain track star has other plans for the couple. *Wrote the first draft while I was drunk with Rebel and there was little to edit. Special thanks to my Darryl-baby for helping! There might be a sequel...I haven't decided yet.*
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Yeah, I'm reposting it and it's still not finished!
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See, what happened was reviews
Yeah, I had to re-upload this and I'm sorry I took it down. Two friends got wasted during a party and don't know happened. It's up to their best friend to tell them what happened but can they handle it?
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Imagine if your wife cheated on you. Sucks, right? Now, imagine if your wife cheated on you with your friend/rival just because she was lonely. What do you do? Fuck your rival's wife you is also your childhood friend.
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Basically, I dreamt this up so I decided it would be fun to make a story out of it. Read and review por favor!
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Adventures on SexEd Academy Island reviews
Shawn Tucker is a junior at Sex-ED Academy and he's about to love the new school year. This is a PWP-Porn without Plot-,3-shot story that even made ME blush while I was writing. I blame Rebel, of course. Read and Review because we love you more for it.
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Thanks for voting! Now here's what you voted for.
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Awwwww yeah! It's revised. Anyway, it's been three months since Toya and Trey have seen each other. Wonder what will happen when one of them gets back in town.
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