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First things first, I love to write and read. In class, I'd be the one in the back of the room reading quietly as everyone else yells at each other across the way. I am also a horrible typer. I have a lot of errors, and I never proofread my documents. You see, I don't proofread because when I do that, I tend to put to much or edit to much so that the story isn't even interesting. I also don't like others to proofread my documents because a lot of people start editing where there is no need because it doesn't sound like their own writing (this is done unconsciously, and I do it all the time as well.).

Currently, my favorite genre of books are historical fiction especially about war (mainly the American Civil War, World War 1, and World War 2). Most of the fictional stories on these topics are both interesting if you are looking for extra information, and fun to read. I find it very entertaining to walk through war through a character's footsteps. I would recommend anyone read this genre especially on the wars I listed.


Color: Purple

Food: Almost all

Movie: Flicka

Book: I love too many to single one out.

FanFiction: 'The Ties that Bind' by 42angel on (I also love 'To Become a Father' by Azara-Rayne18 on the same website)

Fiction (on this site): I haven't read but one since I've registered. I'll update this one later when I've read enough.

Weather: Sunny, about 75 degrees

Animal: Horses and Wolves

Song: 'Forgiven' by Skillet

Famous Person: Audie Murphy

Character from movie: Mulan from "Mulan" (Disney movie)

Character from book: The Hound from A Song Of Ice and Fire

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You are weird for reading my profile.

The Brothers Grimm and Sisters Grimm rock.

You think it should be sunny and cold everyday.

You think China Dolls are creepy.

You think only your dog is smart, and all others are stupid.

Your family is a little odd, but you love them anyways.

Alright. As far as my stories go. You guys will probably find I only want to write about two characters: Ava and Eric. These two are my absolute favorite characters and I still don't know why. I think I just think I love the irony. I mean, Eric is a caring, innocent vampire and Ava is a tough werewolf girl. They make an interesting couple. You guys also may find that horses are always somehow weaved into my stories. I love horses. I have five of them on my land and share a strong bond with a horse named Doll. Being as I kind of base Eric on the type of guy I would like, I tend to made Eric own a black and white paint named Broehain (which is exactly one of the horses I own and the one I could see Eric riding). I also just got into romance so I will probably have a lot of that in my stories (everyone thank Twilight for that. Even though it's horribly written and the characters all seem weak, it is the first Romance I've picked up and I'm hooked, now.). Well, I think that's it.

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