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Hello! If you have found your way here then I congragulate you on that!

My name comes from my mother always calling me doodlebugs pretty much my whole life and I just sort of shortned it to Doodlez and now I use it for pretty much everything. My favorite way of using it is for the camp I volenteer for. All the staff have different names instead of their real ones and the campers have to call us by that name. Its pretty darn cute when you have a little kid come up to you and go "Doodlez"

I have been reading pretty much all my life, and when I wasn't able to read, I was bringing my mom huge stacks of books to read to me. I recently (in the past couple of years) have become intrested in writing though I don't really finish my stories (something I would really like to do) becasue I become to distracted.

I am very picky on what I read. I can't explain what I will and will not read it doesn't make sense even in my head. But for one example if the summery isn't good and you even in say in the summery that you suck at summery's will make me instantly not read it. Don't ask me why but thats just me. I did that once and the story was complete and udder trash and I remeber thinking it was good at the time I wrote it.

I am a cross country runner. Which means I run between 3 to 6 miles just for the heck of it. Which also means we are all pretty darn hardcore.

I like stories with a bit of romance, I'm such a sucker for that kind of stuff.

I am a big history buff though you won't see me writing it becasue I suck at it though I might attmept it now that I think about it but I wouldn't count on it.

Well I hope you enjoy my page and feel free to check out my stories (when I get more then one up) and the stories I favored.

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Esther Art by kvm reviews
Ess wasn't aware that a momentary encounter during her childhood had made her the object of obsession nearly twenty years later. Not just the artist’s obsession, but also the art collector’s. The artist had to kidnap her to keep her safe. EXTENDED ENDING
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Love, Give Me Redemption by annajade reviews
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The English Roses: Sins of the mothers by aims80 reviews
Now available to buy on Nellie's life has been full of oppresion by her indifferent mother, the rigity of life in service, and by the master of the house. Will she ever find break free and live life the way she wants?
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My Secret Life reviews
Do you know any one who has a secret life? How about, do you know anyone who has a secret boyfriend no one can know about? Well now you do.
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The Rain
Even when things are tough, deep down you know its going to be okay in the end.
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