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Poll: This is a list of first lines I had to come up with for my Creative Writing class. Some I hate, some I love. Which are your favorites? Which should I expand into entire stories? Select as many as you'd like! Vote Now!
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OK, where to start? Poodles are awesome and make me lose my game. Oh, and muffins will triumph over brownies Every. Single. Time.

I love reading. I mean, love it to death. My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird, though Beastly by Alex Flinn is not far behind. Series I love are Harry Potter, Sisters Grimm, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Warriors, and the Discworld books. My favorite authors are Terry Pratchett and Diana Wynne Jones, and my favorite genre is fantasy. Fairy tales rock! I read Shakespeare for fun. Yeah. I'm that kind of person. I also adore most of the classics that English teachers are so fun of shoving at us. You know, I actually laughed out loud while reading Pride and Prejudice.

I also like drawing--mostly on my math notes--and writing. I want to be a writer when I grow up, so posting here is pretty much just practice. I also have an account on, where I write mostly Sisters Grimm fanfics. That series is awesome. Yes, I said that already. I'm saying it again.

I love fairy tales, but I love Greek myths even more. I've been obsessed with Ancient Greece since fourth grade, I believe, and there is no bit of mythology I do not know. Or maybe there is. Maybe.

Now more about my personality. I am a freak, and I am PROUD OF IT! XD I love egyptian hats and hipscarves, glittery things and that weird glue you find holding gift cards and stuff to their paper backings. Really, what could be more awesome than that sticky, strechy stuff!? I have Random Thoughts all the time, ocasionally in ryhme. (And that one wasn't even intentional.) I LOVE MADE UP WORDS!! And I love poodles. Long story. Hey, who plays the game? 'Cause I just lost it. Ha, ha.

I have deep philosophical thoughts ALL THE TIME, and at any given moment, I might write an essay and rub it in your face. You have been warned.

Also check out my profiles on deviantART, FanFiction, NaNoWriMo, and WikiAnswers. I promise that I am just as crazy there as I am here.

What I'm Writing:
First of all, let it be known that I'm a horrible updater. Chapter stories never go well with me, as I always tend to lose steam. I work best with short stories, a couple of pages long. Here are the shorts (aka, one-shots) that I'm working on right now:
Stealing a Cookie--not the final title, but along those lines. We've all snuck cookies out of the beautiful cookie jar at some point in our lives; this is the tale, long and dramatic, of the battles one little girl must face to get hers.
Rules and Two-Chunks--because we all hate Jane Schaffer. But when a neat freak, someone like Jo, finally works out how to write one, it's up to her BFF Christine to save her mind from certain deterioration...
Like I said, chapter stories hate me... but every once in a while, against my better judgement, I start one. Foolishness, foolishness... yet the truth.
Max Attax
--you can see that here. One chapter, written over a year ago--applauze for me, yes? Dunno when that'll get updated.
Unnamed--and I mean it's actually unnamed, not that "Unnamed" is the name. A fantasy in which a fairy gets kidnapped, and the only person who knows or cares is a four-year-old boy named Tommy. He sets off to rescue her, his mother sets off to rescue him... Started because I was tremendously inspired, but not posted because I have a suspicion that my stories will always die when posted on here before finished. My story on NaNoWriMo.
And finally, for the essays I mentioned earlier--yeah! I might actually post one or two! I happen to be proud of essays!
Nosedrool: A Deep Analysis in the Case of Pablo
--or something like that. Actually prompted to me by my friend Delia Anole about two years ago. I almost finished it by the end of class, didn't, and hid it away in my room. I still have it, and I solemnly swear to publish it.

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