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My name is Jesus M. Arce. I am also known as Richard Omega or simply Richard by my fellow university companions. I am the creator of around 5 stories. right now I'm busy with Omega so all the other stories are canceled until further notice. if anyone wants to talk to me on facebook search me and I'll accept you as a friend also follow me on twitter @therichardomega. Also, you can support me on Royal Road and also join the discord: https:///knugGbs

Story Progress: currently on 4th arc

"s"= speaking

("s")= thought

"S= attacks in some stories

("S")= translation if there are speaking another language

(s) translation of attacks or meanings


Richard Kurosagi Chedid

Nickname: Flash Angel Of Omega, Rick (by Frederick), Dog (Linnet) and Brown Faux (Skrynia)


Height- 165.1cm (5"5)

Weight- 55.3kg (122 pounds)

Skin Color: Peach

Hair color- brown

Birthday: April 4th

Birthplace: France

Eyes- blue

Blood Type- B

Affiliation: Team Omega (leader)

Relatives: Gina Chedid Kurosagi (mother)

Xino Kurosagi (father)

Androcles Kurosagi (Grandfather, deceased)

Education: Francoise Junior High, Lycee High

Likes: Having fun in Omega, Food and Being with his friends

Dislikes: People that don't care about his families and teammates, and History Class

Omega Form: Traveling Assassin

Weapon: Kris Dagger

Manga Debut: Omega A Legacy Reborn Volume I: The Begging, Chapter I: Enter Team Omega Part I

Voice Cast: ??? (Searching)

Richard Kurosagi is the main protagonist of the Manga Omega on the male side. He is a Human who is son of two members of the legendary Team Omega Xino Kurosagi and Gina Chedid. He is currently the Leader Of The New Team Omega.


Richard is an average boy with brown hair put into a faux hairstyle. his eyes are blue while his skin is peach. He usually wears black jeans, white shirt and white sneakers with the sidelines blue other times he only wears blue sneakers. His appearance in Omega is described as a Traveling Assassin with a white cloaked shirt, pants and light brown leather shoes while his dagger sword is on a scab that is attached on his lower back.


Richard ever since he was a child has always been very charismatic to an extent of sometimes doing reckless things. despite this he has always been a very carrying and protecting person protecting Alice from wild wolves when they were in danger by standing between her and the wolves.

As a teen Richard is still a charismatic boy but has sees to sometimes do reckless things. His unknown knowledge of technology has surprise even his current girlfriend Aeris Russo who sometimes can't figure difficult binary codes and puzzles, however despite his great intellect he lacks the ability to pay attention in history class, which becomes his weakest subject.

Richard doesn't taunt his opponents as he considers them fun to fight against and always credits his friends first for their efforts despite him winning most of the matches. Richard can sometimes take a vengeful mode whenever he sees someone do an unforgivable thing an example was Harry stabbing Alice and waiting for Richard to come closer to save her only to dissipate her before he could reach her stating that Harry didn't care for anyone but itself. Richard has the Omega Eyes, which are eyes that can copy any weapon and ability of his opponent. they were currently held by Omega a mysterious girl who transferred her eyes to him. The Omega eyes are colored red with the Omega Symbol replacing the pupil from his eyes.

Alice Hishikawa

Nickname: H.W.M.HarukaHishikawa (Haruka Wars Online)

Age: 16 (currently)

Height: 160cm (5"3)

Weight: 46.2kg (102)

Skin Color: light brown

Hair color: Red

Birthday: September 18th

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Eyes: Light Green

Blood Type- AB-

Affiliation: Team Omega (member, and creator)

Relatives: Ayane Hishikawa (mother)

Ayame Hishikawa (Grandmother from mother's side, currently missing)

Rusuke Mishimoto known as Mr. Hishikawa (Father)

Karl Hishikawa (Grandfather from mother's side)

Dmitri Mishimoto (Grandfather from father's side)

Erika Mishimoto also known as Erika Namikaze (Grandmother From father's side)

Education: Francoise Junior High, Lycee High

Likes: Cats, The color red, Haruka Wars, necklaces and hanging out with Richard

Dislikes: Dolls (formerly), Aeris (formerly), Heidi, slimy things, Ana and having smaller breasts than her friends or other girls.

Omega Form: Feudal Era Priestess (Miko)

Weapon: Red Pole with hidden chain

Manga Debut: Omega A Legacy Reborn Volume I: The Begging, Chapter I: Enter Team Omega Part I

Voice Cast: ??? (Searching)

Alice Hishikawa is the main female protagonist of the manga Omega. She is the granddaughter of one of the supreme guardians Ayame Hishikawa and a member of Team Omega. Throughout the series she along with Aeris are involved in a love triangle with Richard Kurosagi. Alice was the one with the idea of naming their team in honor of a previous team with the same name.


Alice is portrayed as a light brown skin Japanese with long red hair that is tied into a long ponytail. her eyes are colored light green which sometime for some people overlook them as emerald. She usually wears a red jacket along with a red short black skirt a little below her knees, with a designed red shirt that has a kitty in it and black shoes. She also wears a black necklace that hangs a fake ruby stone the size of a nail. Her Omega appearance is a red on the top and white on the lower part feudal priestess dress along with a red bead necklace. her weapon is a red pole that with the word extend splits into two parts that are connected with a silver chain.


Alice is described as very nice and gentle teenage girl. She becomes nervous and shy whenever she is around Richard alone but in later chapters develops a bit of boldness. she also can be jealous toward people who gets very close to Richard a great example is Heidi constant flirting on Richard. she also gets upset whenever she compare her breasts with other girls who's breasts are bigger than hers. As a child she used to be more shy due to the fact that she was not used to be living in new places but eventually got over it when she grew up.

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