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Hey guys :)

...Oh dear, I have no idea what to write '

I'm not gonna lie and make myself sound like some extravagant, amazingly talented person. I am who I am - I like weird things, and therefore my writing can sometimes be a bit weird. Not everyone will like my work, but that's your choice. I'm not a born-writer, but I do love to entertain people with words, so don't expect the best of the best. But, saying that, I'm not a noob either (!), I have high expectations of myself (maybe sometimes too high ¬¬' heh..) and others, although I won't give people stupid criticisms if I can see room for improvement in their work - it's all about constructive criticisms, bringing people up and not down. That's one thing I stand really strongly by - guiding other people and helping them, not bringing them down because of the little things in life.