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Hello all! :)

There's really not much to say about me, so we'll go for the random facts.

I love white tigers.

I love to write, draw, and sing.

I believe in things like vampires.

I can't think of anything else worth telling, so we'll stick with that much for now.

I have been writing since a very young age, and I got the idea for my first "novel" from a short story I wrote in 5th grade. I continued the book all through that year until - surprising everyone - I finished it. (I don't finish many big things...) Then our laptop took a crap and I lost the book... unless I can manage to find the disk it was saved on... Then you are all in luck and maybe you'll get to read it! But I doubt it though, because that was years ago... but maybe. Ha. :) Anyway, I am currently working on two fanfictions (which you can find at www.fanfiction.net/~evangelineelibethmariette, if you're interested)

Thirteen Reasons Left Behind,

and The Survival.

And then I have one completed fanfic:

And I Will Pull The Trigger.

I am also at work on two original stories:

Teenager Lost at Sea,

and Sarah.

Also, I have one short story I am working on called Alice.

I know, the last to are people names... But that's what I would like to call them, so whatever. And "Sarah"'s name may change later on... Still not sure on that front... Anyway...

I also have a completed short story, originally called Demon of the Dreams, but recently changed to: Dead of Night.

Finally, I write poetry as well, and in fact have a collection of poems I wrote in April of this year, called Letters to April, and those will quite possibly be the first thing I post...

P.S. to let you all know, I've recently changed my name from Midnight's Runaways to Evangeline Elibeth Mariette.


~ Evangeline E. Mariette

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