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My favorite video game series are Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I love anime and manga, too, I'll read and watch anything (so give me suggestions! XD).

My favorite anime is a tie between Free and FMA:B and my favorite manga is also a tie between Pandora Hearts and Noragami.

I have a cat named Gracie.

When I write, I tend to listen to dubstep (it blocks out any noise and I can concentrate lol).

I live in California and I build castles on Minecraft with my bff titanolymp on my PS4.

Uh... that's it I think. Yeah, that's it. :D

Video games and social stuff:

3DS: 3625-8270-0717 (PM me your friend code too!) I love to battle, and my XY team is amazing (in my opinion) lol. I'm working on my ORAS team though XD

PSN: nimondor

twitch: nimondor (I stream occasionally, and recently it's been random Dark Souls 2, Pokemon FRLG and Bloodborne)

Instagram: @nimondor (You get random updates about my writing progress and cat pictures with an occasional selfie! lol)

FanFiction: nimondor

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Community: A Fantasy World
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