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I'm an American teenager who normally doesn't like to write, but has decided to give it a try after wanting to write my first story.

I'm a very open minded person.

I like rock, reggae, But out of all of them I like rock music the absolute most. There's whole list of bands I like, but the first band I ever listened to is Green Day. So they remain my favorite band to this day.

I'm a HUGE fan of Anime and Manga, and video games and movies and TV and foamy the squirrel

My favorite types of books are Fantasy. Mystery, Adventure, Action, Drama and some Sci-fi The last books I've read were "The Percy Jackson series" and The Alchemist:secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel series" The last two books of the Harry Potter series and HALO: Ghosts of Onyx and several mangas that I either own or have read online, and I don't feel like naming them all. these books were some of the of the many other inspirations for my own story. Honestly I'm not an active reader, but lately I've been doing more of it from time to time.

I'm hoping to improve my writing skills by submitting some of my stuff on here.

I honestly don't plan on being a author in my near future, but right now I would like to be one as a hobby. So reviews would be much appreciated (Good or Bad)

Not that it really matters, but I'm glad to announce that I reached over 88,000 words in my fiction. Now I'll resume with chapters beyond 14.

After 14 chapters I only have had feedback about the first four. I don't want to complain, but its going to sound like it no matter what way I say it. Lately only the first and last chapters of my fiction have only been read, while the chapters in the middle have been ignored. Sure I should be grateful that someone is reading the chapters, but I find it annoying that the fiction is not being read in the order I posted it in. I think I've come to understand that waiting for a review is going to be a long and somewhat frustrating process. Sure, I technically do have a review, but it obviously does not count because its spam. But still I will patiently wait for another review that hopefully will be about chapters other than the first two. Another thing I want to say. Since I first published my fiction, it has never appeared in the search results by simply typing it in. However I have found it by searching based on the fiction category, rating, status, and number of words. Anyway moving on. So far my fiction is 21 chapters long so everything I have posted has been a revision or a revision of a revision. The point is It will most likely be a couple of months before I start writing from scratch again, because I have made so many changes since I first started with this story. Another thing I want to say. Its probably obvious that I do not have any talent as a writer, and obviously this story is less than mediocre, but despite that I want to keep writing anyway just to see how well I can do it and I want to hear what other people think about it.

One thing I really want advice on is character development. Because I honestly do not know If I have done very well with that so far. especially with the main character. In some ways he is like me and many others he is not. In later chapters I plan establishing his overall personality his likes and dislikes and others. Assuming that I haven't done that already. ultimately I want him to be like-able or at least relate able. The same goes for the second main character. Whom I believe will be much more challenging because she is a female character. Throughout this story I'm really looking forward to hearing the opinions of female authors or readers and what they think of Scarlet.

For the time being my goal is to at least post all 21 chapters before the summer ends, because after that I'm back in school and obviously I won't have all the time in the world to write.(It turns out that I won't reach this goal because school starts in a few weeks and chapter 15 isn't even posted yet, so never mind this part)

Taking a bit of a break right now, before I even think about chapter 16. So it might be week or two until I post something.( My break is technically over. I'm brainstorming ideas for the next chapter. the problem is, that right now I'm just lacking the initiative to write them down. As of now. 16 is complete, but it is only a rough draft. So I have to do a lot of revising before I even think of posting it.)

I finally got review(s). A real one and I am very very grateful for it. However, I'm a bit disappointed at the quality of the review, since it isn't really constructive criticism, but despite that I'll just suck it up and be absolutely grateful that I finally got one. Still I wonder If people truly like my story or not.(I finally got a critical review, And I can't wait for more)

This is an important announcement that I need to make whether people like this story or not. After nearly six months of writing my story I've made several changes to the plot. And I may make another change to the story. Although I'm not sure how much of the story will be affected yet. Anyway the point is that I may or may not be doing a lot of "RE-writing" and adding some new ideas, inspired by some stories that I've read and I'm thinking of making some new changes AND make them as original as possible.

Any one last thing to those who actually read my story. Please leave a review. For a while now I've been refraining from saying please 'cause I didn't want to sound like I was begging. But after all this time. Why not ask? or Beg? or make a plea? cause I've been patient and I have no choice but to continue to be patient.

(Anyway this has been my update, more will come sooner or later)

Today's update: I am revising all my chapters AGAIN. Some chapters will get very little changes and others will get a complete make over. And at the same time I will be fixing chapter 16 before I finally post it.

As an extra announcement. for those who have read my profile. I would gladly read and review your stories, as long as you read and review mine as well. That's fair right?

One Extra Thing If you have read My profile. Then I highly recommend that you read all the stories in my favorites list. Trust me. There awesome to read.


Chapter one has been revised. Again! And I'd like to say that it is my pride and joy, and I'm awaiting more reviews to come in.

And more good news, My story can finally be found in the search results XD

it can also be found in the "House of wolves" community and the "Get read" community.

Anyway, my goal is to revise all my chapters. Again! then I will post chapter 16. Or I will do it the other way around. Either way, I will try to get this done, before school starts. And we all know its coming. For some its gonna suck, for others its going to be awesome. I hope I fit in with the second group.

Anyway that's it for today's review. There may be more some other day.

NEW UPDATE: 8-15-10

Chapter 15 is up now, And I'm probably am going to revise and re-post it, as soon as I get some reviews for it though. Anyway as for Chapter 16, it might be posted next month, I haven't decided yet. In the mean time I will be trying to revise my chapters, starting with chapter 2.

Minor update:

I've almost reached 100,000 words. XD

UPDate 8-20-10

I Got 25 reviews WOOHOO!! its a MIRACLE XD and although it may say "26" I'm disregarding the spam review, because it does not count. I have waited a long time to get reviews and now that time had come XD. anyway, I look forward to more reviews in the future, not for the sake of having reviews. but for the sake of hearing what people honestly think about my story, and point out my flaws and help me improve. Those are the reviews I value the most, but praise reviews are appreciated as well. All reviews are accepted, except for spam. I hate spam reviews...

UPDATE 8-24-10

Now that schools right around the corner. I'll be taking a break from writing. It maybe a week or maybe two weeks before I even start working on chapter 17. So in the mean time, just enjoy chapters 1-16 of Kuekuatsu, and Flying fish Moon bears and Alien monkeys, And don't forget Colors of the moon.

So until further updates, just read those stories for now, and review.

UPDATE 9-5-10

Now that school is back on. It will probably be weeks before I post my next chapter. But I'll do what I can with whatever free time I have. I might also start revising and re-posting my chapters again.

UPDATE 9-6-10

Chapter 17 is currently under construction. It will be done by either the end of the day, or tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday

UPDATE 9-7-10

Chapter 17 is up. And 18 will be posted sooner or later. And it will most likely be a short chapter. I think I'll post 4 more chapters before I end Vol 1 and move on to Vol 2. However that decision isn't final yet.

UPDATE 9-14-10

Before I even start writing chapter 19. I'm going to look over all my chapters and correct any mistakes that need to be made.

UPDATE 9-15-10

Revising chapters 6-18. This could take the next 3 or 4 weeks to do along with my other activities such as school work.

UPDATE 9-17-10

I am currently working on chapter 19. It might be done, by the end of today or tomorrow. Although there are no guarantees. Maybe Sunday?

UPDATE 9-19-10

This is an important announcement. I will be working on chapters 19,20, and 21. Which are the last 3 chapters of the volume. And since I was so focused on the finale. I started with chapter 21. once that's done, I'll work on 19 and 20. All three of them will be posted around the same time. All this work might be done, by either the end of the week. or next week.

UPDATE 9-24-10

Two chapters down one more to go. The volume 1 finale is almost here. Next week will most likely be the time I post the last three chapters.

UPDATE 9-29-10

All three chapters are complete, however, they are merely rough drafts at the moment. So I want to revise them first, and take out as many mistakes as I can, then and only then will I finally post the last three chapters. This will be done at some point during this week or next week. The end is near.

UPDATE 10-1-2010

Two chapters down. And only one more to go! The volume finale is upon us. It will be posted either today or tomorrow. I'm not sure yet, but it will be done. As for volume 2 I can't really say much, because I don't know much. I haven't even started writing it yet. Well anyway, after chapter 21 is up. I'll be doing some time off to focus on school work and other stuff before I go back to writing.

UPDATE 10-3-10

Finally, the first volume is over...Right now. I'll take a break then review the first volume again and make any necessary revisions. From there I'll finally start with the second volume...

UPDATE 10-20-10

So far my story "Kuekuatsu" has had over 800 hits. Honestly I'm proud of that, but more than that, I feel disappointed at the fact that I've only gotten reviews from four or five people. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that I'm just a little annoyed and feel that my story isn't being taken seriously. I'm grateful for the number of hits it gets everyday, but I just can't stop wondering about what those individual people thought about my story. And I may never know if they liked it or not. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the first person to make a complaint similar to this, and saying it on my profile will make little difference, but I just want to say it anyway. Like every other author on this website I want to get as many opinions, thoughts and suggestions about my story from as many different people as possible. Anyway...I'm done complaining now...Now for the actual update. Volume two of Kuekuatsu still hasn't been written yet. Right now I'm still just brain storming ideas for what will take place. What I'm working on now, is the chapters of the first volume that I think are my worst. Like chapters 11, 13 & 20. I am currently reviewing them, and making the necessary changes. So there it is, that's todays update. And...If I have any fans out there...I just want you to know that volume 2's first chapter will be up by the beginning of next month.

UPDATE 10-24-10

Just to let everyone know, I updated Chapters 11, 13, and 20. So with that out of the way I finally started writing the second volume, but of course I've already become cursed with writers block. So for now, another break is necessary til the proper inspiration comes around. Still, I plan on trying to post the first chapter by Halloween. Or better yet, on Halloween. But no promises. And speaking of the day of all hallows eve. I can't wait to eat lots of CANDY!! Glorious CANDY!!

UPDATE 11-1-10

Yea...volume 2 is still underway. maybe in two to three weeks...probably.

UPDATE 11-25-10

Happy Thanksgiving! And once again I am procrastinating, also there is a case of writers block. (sort of) soo yea thats why vol 2 still still on hiatus. Anyway, I'll try to start writing this week. Hopefully ch 1 will be up by December.

UPDATE 11-26-10

This is a quick announcement! I finally wrote chapter 1!! although its just a rough draft now, but still its pretty much complete, only problem is the ending, I'll try to fix that and then I'll post it! XD The time is almost here. Volume 2 will arrive!!

UPDATE 11-28-10

Volume 2, Chapter one is now up! now for chapter two...

UPDATE 11- 28-10

Still on break. from both reading and writing. working on school and other stuff.

UPDATE 12-29-10

wow I've been gone for like a whole month, but unfortunately I'm still on break. I had lost my internet for a week but its back, thank goodness, but now I'm sick, and to be more specific, I've been sick since Christmas eve. I'll have to admit, I've been doing some major procrastination, from both writing and reading on fictionpress. So I've neglected to do any reviews for my favorite stories... ummm...I think I'll start writing again as soon as I find time to focus, but for some reason that seems hard to do at the moment. Well thats all for now.

UPDATE 1-6-11

Chapter 3 won't be out for a while, because there are lots of obstacles that are preventing me from progressing with this volume. However, I have already decided on how to end the volume. Which is weird because Ive barely finished the third chapter. Well anyway, its a brand new year, so I suppose its an excuse to get my act together and get things done. No promises though. All I can say is that chapter 3 will be done, as soon as I finish it. Because I did start it. So that counts for something. Anyway, hopefully by the next update. the chapter will be up.

UPDATE 1-12-11

Finally!! chapter 3 is up!! I hope I won't procrastinate too much when I write chapter 4.

UPDATE 1-16-11

I started writing chapter 4 and its looking good so far. The next update will be its release.

UPDATE 1-19-11

Chapter four is DONE!! but I need to do some editing before I post it.

UPDATE 1-22-11

This time I'm going do something a little different. Instead of posting a chapter as soon as I finish it, Im going to write multiple chapters then post them all together. Although this new plan might change, depending on my mood. Anyway, I plan on writing the next six chapters. Then post them all at once. As for the time it will take for this to happen. I am not so sure when it will be complete. Because for me, school is back on. And my schedule will be quite full. But in the mean time I will do all that I can.

UPDATE 1-24-11

School is back on fore me. Soooo the rate at which I post each chapter will be even slower.

UPDATE 1-27-11

Chapter five is under construction. It will be posted either by the end of this day, Friday or maybe the weekend. Not sure yet, but it is close to completion.

UPDATE 1-27-11 part 2

Chapter five is done!! well...not exactly. I just need to do one more preview Then its done!!

UPDATE 1-28-11

I am proud to say that chapter 5 of volume 2 is now up!! So that's two chapters in two weeks!! I hope I'll get the next one done by the end of next week. It's already outlined. Now I just need a title and to start writing it.

UPDATE 1-30 11

I posted a new poll! Vote please!

UPDATE 1-31-11

This is me currently writing chapter 6!! And I'm nearly done! but it will still be a week before I post it!!

UPDATE 1-31-11 part 2

The Chapter is complete!! But I'm going to hold off on posting it for awhile.

UPDATE 2-3-11

the chapter is going to be delayed even further, because I am going to have my hands full with certain things. And I still need to edit the chapter. So I estimate at least another few days before its ready. Or today if I'm lucky.

UPDATE 2-4-11

Chapter six is up!! woohoo!!

UPDATE 2-21-11

Chapter seven is up!! wooohooo!!

UPDATE 3-2-2011

I've started chapter 8, but now I'm taking a break, and I'm occupied with many other things. So it will take a while. maybe another week or two? I don't know.

UPDATE 3-7-11

Yea...I'm still on break. And its probably going to be a long one. But hopefully not like chapters 3 or 4. Anyway, life has been getting in the way alot and I've pretty much have been procrastinating again. As soon as I regain my inspiration and my motivation, I will get back to writing...but until then, I'm just going to chill. And besides. Spring break is coming. WOOOHOOO!!

UPDATE 3-26-11

Chapter 8 is finally up! wooohoo!!

UPDATE 4-10-11 Working on chapter 9

Update 4-18-11 chapter 9 and 10 are up.

UPDATE 4-28-11 I've started chapter 11. But its going to be a slow process.

UPDATE - 5-7-11

This is an overview of my projects, both current and future. And complete.

Kuekuatsu Volume 0: The fall of the werewolf king ( a future prequel)

Kuekuatsu Volume 1: The fate of a Lycanthrope. (Complete)

Kuekuatsu Volume 2: Daughter of the sun. (In proggress)

The Prince of Sevonia

These are projects that I hope to complete by the end of the year.

UPDATE 5-13-11

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Anyway, this is an addition project I plan on working on.

Chronicles of a self-proclaimed hero.

I am still working on chapter 11, but at the same time I am brainstorming ideas for new stories. So this might delay things.

UPDATE 5-16-11

Chapter 11 is now up!

UPDATE 5-20-11

Chapter 1 of my new story is now up!!!!

UPDATE 5-25-2011


UPDATE 5-30-11

Chapater 12 is done, but not posted yet.

UPDATE 5-31-2011

Right now I'm trying to decide between working on Kuekuatsu V2 and Prince of Sevonia. But until I decide, I'll be taking another break. You know, the usual.

UPDATE 6/20/2011

Its probably already obvious, but I just want to let whoever reads this to know that everything is on Hiatus. And that is my first time using that word. Anyway, there will be no updates for Kuekuatsu V2 or Prince of Sevonia for the remainder of the month. When the time comes I will upload multiple chapters, along with another new story. And maybe some short stories in between. Who knows. In conclusion, despite the fact that I constantly brainstorm on my stories, I lack the motivation to put pen/pencil to paper or should I say, fingers to keyboard. But every once in a while I jot down notes. Anyway, I will update as soon as I am ready.

UPDATE 7/1/2011

Once again. Everything is on Hiatus. Probably for the entire summer. Maybe in the fall as well.

UPDATE 8/2/2011

Volume 1 will be re-written. For editing purposes. And maybe re-posted. maybe.

UPDATE 10/18/2011

Everything is still on Hiatus. I haven't completely lost interest in writing. I've just misplaced my motivation. I'll find it eventually.

UPDATE 5/10/2012

I will soon start taking down Kuekuatsu volume 1 chapters, then re-post a newer version of it.

UPDATE 5/28/2012

Okay, I changed my mind. I'm not taking them down...yet.

UPDATE 9/15/2012

Yes everything is still on Hiatus, whatever that word means, and yes I am re-writing the story starting from chapter one, and yes I snail could write faster than me. But at least the newly edited versions of chapter 1&2 are done and half of 3 is done as well. However I don't know whether I should post them or not...

Anyway, I'll make another update when I make a decision.

UPDATE 11/17/12

I am migrating to a new story sharing website called I will be posting the updated version of Kuekuatsu there and leave the original here.


UPDATE 12-4-2012

Today is a special day for me. Its the day I finally can drink legally. Anyway, about this update. I uploaded the new version of Kuekuatsu chapter 1. I hope that who ever reads it, likes it and leaves a review. and if they don't like it. leave a review anyway. As for what I consider to be the old version of Kuekuatsu Vol 1. I'll keep it posted for a little while longer. At least until I finish the rest of he updated chapters.

UPDATE 3-24-2013

Chapter 5 will be up soon.

UPDATE 8/11/2016

To everyone and anyone who has read any of my work and found some enjoyment in it, I thank you and apologize for this Hiatus. I don't really have an excuse for why I've been away for so long, but all I'll say is that life got in the way and for a good long while I lost my motivation to write.

However, I never gave up on the Story of Kuekuatsu. Its always been in the back of my mind, and from time to time I would get new ideas and inspirations to add to the story that I would take notes on.

Starting today I'm adding chapter 6 to the Kuekuatsu Reboot "Fate of a Lycanthrope"

I can't promise a consistent release schedule for each chapter, but I will promise to post more updates and that this story will have an ending.

Once again thank you to all who have read my stories and I apologize for keeping you waiting for so long.

Till next time.

UPDATE 2-16-2017

I know its super late but Happy New Year to anyone who takes the time to read this profile.

Good News. Chapters 7 and 8 are complete and have been uploaded. I've also edited and re uploaded chapters 1 through 6. I will begin working on chapters 9 and 10 as soon as I can. I hope to have them complete within the next month or so.

UPDATE 10-15-2017

I have once again updated the first two chapters. Hopefully it will be the last time I will have to do that. Chapter 10 will now technically be chapter 11 because I split chapter 1 into 2 chapters.

UPDATE 10-29-2017

Now that I've split chapters 1 and 3 into two parts each there are now 12 chapters which are still the 10 chapters that I've already posted.

I still have much editing to do, so I will be re uploading these chapters, hopefully for the last time. I've been unable to move forward with this story because I constantly have to go back to re structure and fortify its foundation. fixing grammar mistakes and plot inconsistencies.

I do have the first half of chapter 13 which used to be chapter 11 done. Once this editing is done I'll go back to writing new chapters.

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