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I finally started a livejournal! If you want to know how the next chapter of a fic is coming along,(or if you just want to read random rants about my life) go to http:///~nakigoe_chan.

Check out http://: THERE WILL FINALLY BE A MAGAZINE FOR FANFIC LOVERS! AND ONLY GOOD STUFF WILL GET IN, SO YOU WON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH TONS OF CRAP TO HIT THE JACKPOT! (Actually, I'll be writing for it, so there may be SOME crap in there, but all the other stuff will be good. Promise.)

You're actually reading the bio? You must be as mentally challenged as I am. Okay, I just became a legal adult - 18 years old, AAAAAAH! I have one more year of high school, and I live in Washington DC. Someday I want to grow up. Maybe. If they make me. And SHOULD they make me (which I don't think they will, it would require patience in spades) I want to be a writer. Or maybe a Vampire Slayer.

My first anime (and thus my ultimate anime love) is Ranma 1/2. I got into it, like so many others, by being forced by a friend into reading a story that to me seemed utterly ridiculous. And it is, and we love it. Currently my other obsession lies with the same author (Rumiko Takahashi), 'cause who doesn't adore Inu-Yasha? Yeah, yeah, I know. It's all in the ears.

Anime/Games/TV Shows/Books, etc. that, I have fanfic ideas for, so you'll see something from me in 'em sooner or later (in no particular order):

Ranma 1/2
Sailor Moon (Yes, I'm one of those obsessive outers fans. Is that a PROBLEM?!)
Noir (There are only 19 fics for this AWESOME anime on ? There's something wrong here...)
Marmalade Boy
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Harry Potter (Actually, I'm already working on this...)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Current Story Status:

After You:(Ranma 1/2) Chapters 1-6 posted, Chapter 7 complete, Chapter 8 written

For Love of the Land of Fire and Ice: (Ranma 1/2) Chapter 1 written

The Dying of the Light: (Final Fantasy VIII) Prologue, chapters 1-4 posted

Upcoming Stuff/Current Projects:

'The Dying of the Light' has sort of taken over, and so that one'll be seeing the most updates for awhile. Gomen, Ranma fans...

'For Love of the Land of Fire and Ice' to be released whenever the hell I finish editing it.

'Our Last Innocent Night'(Sailor Moon): NO, there's no hentai! It's sort of a Neptune reflection fic.

(TEMPORARILY! TEMPORARILY![dodges rotten fruit thrown at her]) Look, I'm sorry (and I'm arguably stupid, since it's probably my best piece) but I've been working on nothing but AY for a year and I need a break before I can get back into it - and thus write it well - again. Don't worry: it will be back. I have every intention of finishing it in the relatively near future.

Feel free to email or IM me, and I hope you enjoy my stories!