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Heyyyy Everyone!

I'm Sierra Raquel, and thanks for visiting my profile page! I now have four stories posted on this site, called Broken, The Dark Secrets, Halfway Human, and The Forsaken. Descriptions are below, one for each storyPlease read and review!! :D

Broken starts out with Riley's boyfriend, Brendon, breaking up with her for no specific reason. She is devestated, but soon after the breakup, she is kidnapped and taken to the Institution. She ends up becoming part of a world that she never knew existed, and has to save her newly acquired friends, as well as Brendon, from the Institution. Bad summary, but so far it is my most popular story! Please Read!

The Dark Secrets is about a young woman named Jordan who has had to live with her abusive father for as long as she could remember. She is blamed for the death of her mother, since she died giving birth to her, which only makes the beatings worse. However, a mysterious omen keeps saving her life, and when in gym class, her eyes transform colors and she is inhumanely fast. Could Mitch be what he says he is?? Jordan sets off on a search for who she is, discovering bits and pieces of her past as she goes. I'm really no good at summarizing, but please read!

Halfway Human I got the idea for this piece, that I just added, while reading Cassandra Clare's book City of Bones. I hope you like it, and hopefully once I get started on it, it will be better than Psychotic is. A girl named Cassadee thinks that she is normal, but after watching her father be killed by werewolves, she is kidnapped into a world she didn't know existed, though others claim it is in her blood; that she was born there. She will discover that she has magical powers beyond her wildest imagination. Sorry, another terrible summary but please read this story anyway! So far there is only one chapter, but tell me what you think!!

The Forsaken Well, I'm not quite sure how i came up with this, I was just bored one day and decided to add it to fictionpress. It is about a fifteen year old girl named Genesis Page who is being hunted for reasons unclear to her. But there is something stranger about her: she does not have a heartbeat. Not to mention the Dream she has had every night since the day of her birth. She has no idea where her family is, or if they are even alive anymore. All she knows is that she needs to run for her life, and that before she left home, her mother gave her a Locket. For some reason, the Locket seems to be a part of her, though she can't figure out why. I promise the story is better than this little summary, so please please read and review...I just added this story, so it's pretty new.

If you log onto, I have an account there also. My penname is Krystal Lunescent, and my three stories on that site are called Maximum Ride: Termination and Second Chances both of which are based off of the Maximum Ride series. The third story is called Things I Must Not Do at Hogwarts based off of the Harry Potter series. Just so you know.

I just want to give a quick shout-out to my friends, Emily and Danielle, for introducing me to both sites. Thank you guys! Your encouraging reviews have inspired me to keep writing! You're both gifted writers, and I envy you for that! Keep Writing!

I drew some pictures that go with my stories, so if you are interested in viewing them, I can e-mail them to you if you would like.

Thank you again!



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