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Hello! The pen-names Benny Jude Road.

You can call me Benny, Ben, Jude, Ro, or BJ

It really doesn't matter.

I'm a novice writer and professional dreamer. With a jazz personality and G mentality.

I write at my own pace, because I hate when writers goes MIA and comeback with a half-ass chapter. Never fear, for I shall never deliver you a chapter that has no worth or depth to the story. The waits are always will worth it I swear! However, I will not lie and say I don't live for the reviews. I DO! So please, leave feedback on what you feel should provide more to the story, what should stay, your opinion on the story or characters. It makes my day to read your reviews.

I'm always on my Tumblr page; there I post quotes, chapter previews, and writing updates of your favorite story from me. You can also see whats going inside my mind 24/7.

My second Tumblr page is based on my alter ego Cindi WooWoo. Lets say she's more intone to her darker side. I also have an account on Fanfiction and Fiction Press with this pen name, which I haven't posted any stories yet. But there will be stories I promise you!

Undisclosed Desire finally has a Tumblr page!!!!! I post everything Greek Mythology, quotes from the story, things associated with the beautiful continent of MUTHA AFRICA, and a lot of good and juicy extra content of the series. You can also ask me anything!!! Anything!! Check it out!

ALSO I finally have a Facebook page. Like my Tumblr page it keeps you updated on what I'm doing with my current and future projects, sneak peeks of chapters, and other extra juicy content for your pleasure.

Gender: Female

Age: 21 (yes!!!!)

Favorite T.V shows: Master's of Sex, Sleepy Hollow, Empire, The Nanny, The Sparano's, Scandal, Rooftop Prince, Boys Before Flowers, Vampire Prosecutor, Powerpuff Girls, The Tudors, Xena Warrior Princess, Rome, and Different World.

Favorite Movies: Gone with the Wind, Cleopatra, Carman, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Pressure Point, School Daze, Poetic Justice, Memoirs of a Geisha, Lord of the Rings (1-3), Howl Moving Castle, Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, Kill Bill Vol. I & II, The Hobbit (1-3), Kung Fu Hustle, Rebecca, Whatever Happen to Baby Jane?, Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, Django Unchained, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller Day Off, Bram Stoker Dracula, The Great Gatsby (2013), Purple Rain, 10th Kingdom, Hercules and Xena; Battle of Mount Olympus, Poccahantos, Mulan, La Belle et la Bate, The Heiress, and so much more.

Muses: Beyonce, Janelle Monae, Lana Del Ray, Alicia Keys, Legolas/Orlando Bloom, Aaliyah, Dorothy Dandridge, David Gandy, Lena Horn, Josephine Baker, Elizabeth Taylor, Rain, and Eartha Kitt.

Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Adele, Rain, SHINee, Coldplay, Prince, Michael Jackson, Sara Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Miles Davis, Kendrick Lamer, Nas, Jay Z, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Cab Calloway, 2 Chainz, Jeff Buckley, and much more

Favorite genre of music: Classical, Jazz, Rock, New Wave, R&B, and Rap

Favorite Anima: Dragon Ball Z, Big O, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha

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The Vampire's Slave by Mikazukiful reviews
Not a classic vampire story. Tori's life is turned upside down when she's kidnapped and taken to an uncharted island of vampires where she is auctioned off for her high quality blood. Violated and thrown into the depths and shadows of court life can she survive? And what is she going to do about her growing feelings for the handsome, black-eyed vampire who put her there?
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Start Over reviews
Stop fighting about the same old thing... Lets start over...We can't let our good love die... Maybe we can start all over, give love another life... I know that this will hurt you... I know you'll cry... I know I called you selfish... but that's a lie...I feel I know that's a lie... I feel I know that's the best for us... Let's start over.
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Freedom and neutrality was something Victory Red always desired. However when your born in the middle of a war you can see how that could be difficult. Luckily Victoria wasn't one to give up.
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To define Amphitrite in the past she was simply the trophy wife; to define her today's society she is the embodiment of an independent woman.Having everything that she ever wanted her life should be running smoothly? Right? Wrong. Not unless you're immortal whose husband so happens to be Poseidon...who's fed up with separation and wants you back. You have one hell of a problem.
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Love was the sweetest sin Pandia had to take... but when war break out a great division on Olympus has cause everyone in a uprising and a time of confusion. But even in dark times love will grow within and she must make a great or duty?
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How do you love a man that doesn't want to be love? How do you try to find a soul mate from a soulless man? Jacqueline finds herself sold to the devil she try's to unfreeze a heart that seems untouchable. The harder she try's to love him the more lost she gets into the battle of loving the devil.
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Make you feel my love reviews
Short tales and lemon limes from Undisclosed Desire Series Lemon Lime of couple matching and scenes that didn't make the cut in the story
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In this twisted love story of Pandia and Ares hides undisclosed desire, desire of lust,desire of another's love, undisclosed truths of abuse in many forms that is so bloody that no one knows, and learning to really forgive past mistakes and to really love
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