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5/28/2016: I've returned

I'm still rewriting. It's been almost a year since I logged on here, but according to my traffic stats, there are still people who read (and binge read, holy shit) DS. If any of you DS readers are still out there...I fucking salute you. To give you a sense at the ridiculous pace at which I write this story of mine, in my first draft of DS, Darcy made fun of Spencer for not knowing who Mitt Romney was in spite of the fact he was running for president/was a governor for the great state of MA. I'm determined to finish this story, and if I don't, I'll probably write a pretty comprehensive outline for the rest of it and post it here or elsewhere.

Also, because I am rewriting from the beginning, there will be a discontinuity (and different writing style/quality/characterization/plot direction) in the story. Read at your own peril.

In other news, I'm moving to Boston from CA soon for grad school.

6/21/2015: Some information about Darcy and Spencer

I will be rewriting this story. Minor changes that do not affect continuity: (1) Spencer's last name will be changed (I often do this to keep track of my edits), (2) Darcy's alma mater will be changed (still a school in sunny California), (3) Spencer's older brother's name will be changed (to differentiate between her hometown crew more easily)

3/1/2014: Update will be tomorrow morning.

Major project: Darcy and Spencer

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The ongoing revision of Darcy and Spencer.

The image used for the cover of Darcy and Spencer is a pin-up for an Esquire calendar, drawn for the month of October by Fritz Willis. It is presently in the public domain.

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