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Once upon a time... okay, not really. I was never one for fairy tales. They were too short and never really delved into any of their characters anyway.

I think people who write have a God complex. I've thought it since my sophmore year of high school, which seems like a lifetime from now, but in reality was only four years ago.

Its true though. Writing is a form of control. A form of making things... have meaning. Giving calm to the chaos. Sometimes I wonder if thats all this comes down too. The need to make things happen the way they should.

Fiction is my way of doing just that and poetry is the way I cope with reality. Thats the way its always been.

When it comes to fiction I can take time and intent and write really well... but it always seems to ruin the actual fun of writing. So I know that the writing in my stories could be better, and I will improve (I do improve), but I plan to do it slowly. I hate taking something I'm meant to love and corrupt the enjoyment it brings. Its not worth it.

Also, I tend to get inspired by cliches, with my own kind of lead characters, so hopefully they'll be unique in their comformity. Maybe if more published books focused on the things I considered cliche after spending so much time on this site, the idea would begin to bore me. But they don't, so the cycle will continue.

I'll post original works as well. I hope they are. Most ideas are recycled anyway. Whether its from a line in a movie, a scene from a book, a song on the radio, a dream (though I'm not really sure if you can steal from your own subconscious... but I'm pretty sure mine's more clever than me so I'm all for this statement), or a conversation that made you wonder. Very few ideas are purely original. Even if they are, whats the chances that no one else has come up with the same idea as you as well? You get my point.

Anyway, I write what I desire to write and I can't seem to help wanting it to be read, for better or worse. Plus, I just really like the way fictionpress makes all the little chapters seperated, and its format, and that... okay you get the point, I just like it.

My poetry is HERE.

- l -

Oh, and my Homepage will lead you to anything story related. Playlists, pictures, whatever. Its appropriately titled The Extra which in turn sums it up pretty well.

First story to come.

Quietly: Undone Beginning reviews
We met... before I understood people could grow in different directions. And just in time to miss what would be taken away. Five years later, and its like meeting a stranger... who you somehow still remembers name.
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