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A.A.B. Bryant lives amongst the fantasy deprived Midwest, hailing from South Dakota, USA. She has two children and has been married since 2000 to Dave Bryant.

Her husband originally introduced her to role playing, opening up a whole new world that she has since adopted as her own. His prospects of staring a new gaming system were soon adopted into her stories, and she began breathing life into the many characters and races, fleshing Mirro out to its fullest extent.

Ripe with everything from humans to drow to completely new species, Mirro thrives and changes. The people who live upon it face danger and joy. The characters are rich and ever-growing. Not one to shy away from the truths of life, A.A.B. Bryant does not skimp on detail or leave you wondering with vague descriptions. Raw emotions, gruesome deaths and intense love are all a part of the average Mirroan's life, and are not to be glossed over. Because of this, she strongly advises that only adults 18 and older read her stories. However, for this site, these life stories will be toned down to comply with FictionPress' rules and guidelines. A true writing visionary, her work sinks one into the life of the characters, indulging the readers in all the passion, intensity and excitement of each Mirroan character.

Her stories also have an equality slant. The womyn of Mirro are not held down by expectations of the sex, are not looked down upon or pampered by the men around them. Survival has meant that the field is leveled, and A.A.B. Bryant has worked hard to ensure that her women character are strong and forward thinking, without drowning out the strength and appreciations of the many fine men of her world.

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