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Gah. Here I am again, talking about myself, again. Can you tell I enjoy it? Otherwise why would I do it, again? I could copy and paste, but that would require finding a description that's not too old. So, as of this moment, you can see that

-I like to talk

-I like myself

-I like to type what I talk

-I try to be logical, and to live according to my logic

-I know how to use computers

-I don't like to put in extra work looking for something that I can more easily re-create

-I try to remain current.

-And I like linear outlines and summaries

But more often people look at profile summaries because they want to know what your passions and interests are, so here goes:

I am a young, White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) married, Pentacostal Methodist Environmentalist wannabe and pacifist, with a penchant for outdoor recreation, an undying interest in special military and paramilitary operations, personnel, weapons and tactics, and a passion for communicating anything relating to any of these things by the use of any forum/medium available. Got all that?

Do some of these things appear to be contradictory? That's probably because most people make assumptions about the natures of various things. When I said "young" you probably ruled out the picture of the wrinkled, overweight person in the rocking chair on the porch with the old coon hound, right? And so far you would have been correct. When I said Pentecostal you might have pictured something out of a movie, with people jumping up and down in church isles, hollering and whooping and spouting what sounds like gibberish, and again you would have been right. But could such a person also be a Methodist? Sure, and why not, unless you assume that Methodists are liberal, or quiet, or old, or like old music and such. And then I say Environmentalist. That seems to throw people for a loop, but why? Because they assume that Christians, Pentecostals in particular, are conservative. Environmentalists, they assume, are liberal. Thus, it stands to reason that a Pentecostal Christian would not also be an Environmentalist. But you can see how that reasoning is wrong, if only by looking at my life, for I am both, and I am extreme in my beliefs and practices as it pertains both to my relationship with Jesus Christ and with His Creation. And here's the kicker, IMHO. The Bible instructs and informs every one of these aspects of my interest and personality.

Oh yeah. What about the pacifism and special operations interests? Don't those two conflict on a fundamental level? Not at all? What are spec. ops. troops, especially U.S. Army Special Forces with their mission to win the hearts and minds of indigenous peoples and train them to resist and free themselves from oppression, if not Missionaries without faith and with guns? Guns that they very rarely actually use to kill people. So take a spec. ops. soldier, remove his gun, and give him a faith that's more reliable than any weapon, and send him on those same missions (sans the direct action and some of the snatch and grab type missions), and you have what I believe at least some Christians are called to be. Some call it foolishness. I call it being a disciple. So remove your assumptions about pacifists, and your assumptions about special operations personnel, and look at them for what they truly are and you can see how they fit together into one whole quite well.

As for what I do with all those beliefs, that's another dialog, and I'll be happy to engage with you in it, in another forum.