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Religion: Baptist.

Age: 23.

Height: 6'1.

Weight: 160 pounds.

Hair color: brown.

Eye color: hazel.

Favorite people: my wife, my stepdaughter, my friends, family, and the American Soldiers.

Location: Houston, Texas.

Political Party: Republican Conservative.

Semper Fi my friends. I'm new here so don't go to hard on me. Some of my fictions may not be that long and some you may recognize having pieces from certain books in there, but I promise to put a innovative; creative spin on my tales. After all, I'M THE PUPPET MASTER PLAYING WITH YOUR LIFE!!

I will be finishing my Escape from Evil saga pretty soon. I will definitely make a fifth one, but I am unsure if I will make a sixth or not. Just pay attention to find out and I thank all of you for reading my stories. Oh, and another thing: If you read one of my stories, please take the time to review it so you can actually help me with increasing my writing skills. I appreciate the criticism as much as the one's that say they like my stories. Also, once I finish Escape from Evil I will create spin off stories of characters that are not actually in the Escape from Evil stories, but they will tie in with the first saga. I just want to create my only little world in my stories and the best way to do that is to spin off from the original stories. Got a lot of ideas in my mind for other stories so I look forward to making the new stories and seeing if people actually consistently like my stories. Again, thank you and please review my works.

The Escape from Evil saga is through now with the fifth book. Whew, took me a while to finish, but I'm finally done with it and I'll soon begin to make the spin-offs from this saga. However, these spin-offs are not going to be about Acheron, but about others that may or may not have been in the Escape from Evil saga throughout the five books. I reiterate for you to read and please review my works that I have published. Thank you.

7-24-2011: I know it's been slow going with getting the new story up, but been quite busy. I'm nearly done with "Assassins Moon" and I'll be starting another one shortly after that. Thank you to the loyal readers of my stories, I really appreciate you, but I would like some feedback on my stories. Critique what you don't like and what you think I can make better. I will take your words into regard and will change my writing style. It's quite easy for me to change my writing style and I don't mind doing so to meet my readers' needs.

9-14-2011: Once I'm finished with my story, "The Twin Crowns", I may be revising my "Escape from Evil" saga. However, if I choose to do that, it will be slow going as well and I will be improving on the story. It will go chapter by chapter so it might not make any sense at first, but once I'm finished with the whole thing, it will make sense once more. I won't be taking down the "Escape from Evil" stories because I don't have them backed up and I don't want to lose any of them. However, I don't know if I will be revising it or if I will be going right into my next story, "Guarding the Heart". I haven't made up my mind just yet.

10-2-2011: I have finished "The Twin Crowns" and after much deliberation, I have decided to revise the Escape from Evil saga. I will be switching the status of the books to "Incomplete" while I work on them chapter to chapter. I believe that it will be a complete overhaul of the entire saga and in the hopes that I can make it better. My skill in writing has evolved since I first started and I hope to bring this to the Escape from Evil saga. I won't be taking down any chapters, but replacing them with revised editions so for anyone wanting to read the Escape from Evil saga, it would be advisable to wait until I've flipped them from "Incomplete" back to "Complete". Thank you for reading and I hope to see your reviews.

10-3-2011: I decided to scrap the Escape from Evil saga while I do a complete overhaul of it, hopefully lengthening it and getting more attention to my stories. I hope everyone wants to see it, but for those who liked the stories as is, you should read them when I put them up as new because their going to be completely different. Hopefully, they'll be better and I'm going for more detail so I would like for everyone to give me their honest opinions on how they view my stories. Thank you and have a nice read.

11-13-2011: Okay, seriously people, I need some damn reviews!! I have less than ten on seven stories! That's not showing good - I don't know what you'd call it - consumer studying. Please, review my stories when you read them or I just might go on strike! No, just kidding, but seriously: read and review.

11-24-2011: Thinking of adding some hi-tech technology into the stories later on. Maybe some new type of tech that Acheron comes up with in the Escape from Evil saga. Haven't made up my mind if I'm gonna do it or not, but I guess we'll all find out later won't we? I can see the benefits of mixing the science fiction route into my stories and I think that I can go into even MORE detail if I do that. I don't know yet, still weighing the pros and cons. If any of you have any feedback on it, would love to hear it. Thank you and have a happy thanksgiving!

12-12-2011: As fans of my writings have by now noticed, I do my best to update my stories daily. I have an OCD thing about starting one story and then starting another with the other being done first. I do one at a time and it's the only reason I don't have more stories. However, that isn't really the relevant matter at this time. No, what is relevant is that my wife and I are going to be having a baby sometime soon so I might not be able to do the daily updates, though I will try. Already have a two year old with my wife and now having a newborn, it's going to take up a lot of time. I can only hope though that it won't take me two years to finish a story like it does so many other writers. Thank you for reading and thank you for the fan base. Makes me feel proud when I have fans. Side note: I know this is probably getting annoying, but I would really appreciate the reviews of all of my stories. Especially since I've completely redone my Escape from Evil saga. Well, actually I'm in the process of it, but I've yet to get any reviews on any of them. I would appreciate positive or negative reviews. I only ask for this because having someone review my work and point out the things that I do wrong helps me to change up my writing style. Again, thank you and have a nice day.

7-2-2012: I'm finally finished with the Escape from Evil saga. It took a lot longer than I thought it would when I started its overhaul nearly a year ago. I finally finished though and already have another story underway. Hopefully, this will go faster than the last one's. However, I don't know just yet and my personal life has been very busy lately with my pregnant wife, my job, and my step daughter. Thank you loyal fans.

8-7-2012: Seriously people, could do with some reviews to tell if I'm doing a good job or not; to see if you like my stories or not. Thank you.

9-17-12: Almost finished with "Guarding the Heart". Maybe five or six chapters left in my latest installment. Afterwards, I will begin "Dragon's Flame." As has been stated before, I would like to see reviews with critiques or even if you just like or don't like my stories. Take the time to spare a word or two in appreciation or criticism.

9-21-13: Well, Dragon's Flame is done. It took a long time to get done with it, but I've had a lot going on with my life. My new work, "Bezerker Betrayal" might take a while to start and even longer to finish. Moving to Florida today to start my new job so I'll be busy for a while, but I hope to be able to begin writing again soon. Thank you to all my loyal readers and reviewers. I'm glad that you've hung with my stories this long. It means a lot to me. Thank y'all.

11-21-13:Due to recent messages, I've noted that some people are having problems with the topography of my world. Because of this, I will give a short, brief review of the topography of the Central Continent. The Kingdom of Aries is settled in the center of the Central Continent stretching to the south. Off of the southern border of Aries is the Andarian Waste also known as Andaria. Off the northern border of Aries is the Kingdom of Shadir. To the east, stretching all the way to the coast is the Empire of Dalkia. To the west, stretching all the way to the western coast is the Empire of Manathera. To the Northwest, between the borders of lead to Shadir or Manathera is the Kingdom of Woodvine. Past that was Moonfrost and Sunfire beyond that. There are other Kingdoms beyond the Elven Kingdoms, but I haven't developed them yet so I'm reserving from comment. I hope this helps those who have been confused by the topography. Thank you.

12-16-13: And "Berserk Justice" is finished. I hope you like it and I hope the cliffhanger isn't too much for all of you. Will be starting my next one "Prince's sorrow" soon. Stay tuned.

12-30-13: Sorry to my loyal fans. "A Prince's Sorrow" is coming along a little slowly. For some reason, this story is giving me some problems. I've come up with a little bit of writers block I suppose, but I'm trying to push through it. Because of this, my update to "A Prince's Sorrow" may be a little slow. To those who like my stories, forgive me for this, but personal matters you know? Things happen. Anyway, will update and finish up with my latest story as quickly as I possibly can. Sorry for any inconvenience.

1/20/14: Alright people, Acheron wants some reviews of each one of my stories. I like to hear what I'm doing for all of you. And more than just, "Man, I like your stories." If you like my stories, tell me why you like my stories. If you don't like my stories, tell me why you don't. I'm a fan of all fans willing to critique.

3/13/14: For those of you that are fans of "Prince's Sorrow", you aren't going to like this update. I'm redoing the entire story. I'm deleting all but the first chapter, but even the first chapter is going to be overhauled. This has nothing to do with any of you or lack of response, but the mental stall on how to go on with "Prince's Sorrow."

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