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Going to be 19 in June. Gah.

As you can see I am not a native English speaker, so bare with me while I try to continue writing, Thank you!

January 2014

Wowww, it's that time of the year where all of us celebrates earth's long lap around the sun. Congratulation earth and happy new year for all of us. cheeeersss

April 2013

Hello! How are you? Apa kabar?

I know right, long time no see. I haven't posted in 4 months and I really feel bad about this. But not to worry, because I'm back! That's right, I am freakin' back. Just finished my finals--it was harder than I thought--and I'm going to have other tests for college/univarsity and whatnot. But that's not till a month, and what am I going to do now you ask? Well I'm going to go back to writing!

I've had many people asking for an epilogue for snml and well, I'm going to do something about, cross fingers! Besides, I think I'm going to post a new story. Yippieeeeee.

December 2012

Hello! Sorry for the sudden hiatus, but I'm back now. I decided to delete two of my stories, A bitch to Catch and Control Play, due to personal reasons. I'm so sorry and I hope you don't mind. Besides, there was barely enough chapters on the stories. If I get to finish them (which I probably won't in a long time, just for some heads up) I might put them back on, maybe. I'm sorry once again!

Anyway, just wanted to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cheers.

September 2012

ON HIATUS. Again, I know. Sorry, just can't deal with this right now. I'll be back as soon as I can.

July 2012

Hehe, just wanted to update my profile. I've been having lots of comments and criticism about my writing and all I want to say is thank you for everyone who have spared their time to read my stories. I will definitely try harder on my writing, I am a normal person after all and we all have mistakes. So thank you!

April 2011

I'm back! BUT, decided to write another story. I know my bad. The first 2 stories are on a really long hiatus, the new story I'm writing now will still go on. Thanks for the support!

March 2011

Happy new year! I know, I'm lattteeee! I just have soooo many thigs going on i don't know where to start. Excuses, excuses, excuses...ANYWAY, I might not be seen for a few days, or weeks. I've been gone for 3 whole months (Can you believe that?) and now I'm leaving again. Damn it, I'm such a bad writer. So sorry guys, I hope I'll get a chance to be back sooner. CHEERIO!

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