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You can call me Saix, Sai, Katsura, Sy, Asylum, Switchblade. Or you can be original. Whatever. I really do enjoy nicknames.

I'm not necessarily new to this, as I have been lurking on this site for about 3 years, just never finsihed enything to post. Until very recently. I have a bunch of stories, but I don't want to post any multi-chapter until I have at least 3-5 chapters written, which wont be any time soon. Content with one-shots? Good.

I write a lot, I mean a lot, of stuff with homosexual relationships. It first started with gay guys, then went on to gay girls, and maybe some bisexual/pansexual/I'd fuck a tree if it had a whole. Pretty much, my own budding sexuality. Which is honestly, "if i can stick it in, it works for me." So expect a lot of that, with the occasion straight people, but I find those not very fun. They're too.. typical, am I right? When I work out all the quirks, I'll post a list of my progress. But for now, close your eyes, and enjoy the image of a puppy licking it's paws.

Oh, wait, you wanted to know about lil' ol' me? Aww shooks, well... Um... Fuck. I dun' know. Well, for starters I'm from good ol' America, where Canada recently remounted their sign saying "I'm with Stupid." Thank you, Canada. I knew I was the only American to love you for a reason.

American. How typical. And from New York City, no less. I do love my city though, and as much as I'd like to imitate a Southern or even British accent (I can't to save my life), I have a strong West Coast accent. Yet, I'm from the east. Yup, I'm just as confused as you. I still love my city, as overrun with drug addicts, teen pregnancy, and horrible ghetto music as it is.

Anyways! I like fags. A lot. As in cigarettes. Fo' shame. I know. BUT! I'm from NYC. You can't really blame me for intaking the life style of drugs and alcohol. Just no sex. Sex is bad. "If you have sex, you will get pregnant, and die." If Mean Girls has thought me anything, it's that.

But hey, it gives me first hand experience for all my 'fictions, right? Thing is, if I haven't at least TRIED it, I don't write about it, 'cause I feel otherwise the information is unreliable. I'd rather people read things that actually COULD/HAVE happened, then just wonder if it's true and try it. Ya'know, no fun. It leads to... bbbaaaddd situations. Lot's of 'em. Turst me, I should know. So I guess that means I don't write sex scenes. Sad, I know. I write almost sex scene. Good enough? I haven't actually been close enough to almost sex either so...

Anywho, where we're we? Drugs and alcohol. Nope, let's skip that. About me, right. I get sidetracked, and half the time don't know what to say or how to say it, so I say random things that make you smile and forget about what the fudge we we're just talkin' 'bout. ;)

In time, I will post my revised deviantart, youtube, and fanfiction.net accounts here if ya' interested, where I will spend the amount of time I'm not having a life, giving others theirs. Or something like that. While I do have a lot of a life, and TONS of stuff to do, the time I should spend sleeping or going form one place to another, I spend on these websites, so I'm somewhat reliable to update. Unless I get my Internet taken away, then I'm screwed. Neither do I have my normal life, or my Internet life. So let's hope that never happens.

I like people, so don't be afraid to speak to me. I don't bite. Only in person. ;)

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