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Name: Ming

Age: -Legal-

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The Blossom's Fall

Genre: Adventure/Romance

Rating: T (Some chapters might contain M material)

Synopsis: War is coming to Tohan, a nation deteriorated by centuries of peace and isolation. While the rest of the world industrialized, Tohan stayed behind. Clans are vying for power as the throne weakens, unaware of the looming threat of invasion. In the middle of it all is Nakamura Kaede, a young court lady who must navigate through the savage world of politics and court intrigues in order to save her country from total destruction.

Status: Ongoing

Review Policy:

I return reviews for all reviews on my stories that are over two lines of length. I am a full time college student and I work a part time job, so I might not always be the fastest reviewer. If I owe you a review, then I will get to it at my own pace. Please do not spam me with messages asking me to return your review. It actually makes me less inclined to return them. Also, I'm not the best reviewer in the world. I know some people are and tend to give long and in-depth reviews, so for those reviews I will try my best to return them with the same quality.

Any constructive criticism is appreciated, I am constantly looking to improve my stories. But let's be civil, I don't want to use the report button. :)

Upcoming Project(s):

Sleeping Dragon, Leaping Horse, A Chinese Wuxia Martial Arts Fantasy Novel

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/Story Removed/
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