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Hey~! Welcome to my little corner of stories!

So, in case anyone cares, here's a bit about MOI, the magnificent Shade the Viridescent!

Name: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." However, you may call me Latnixa, Latni-chan, or Shade.

Gender: Female, she/her pronouns~

Age: As old as my tongue, and slightly older than my teeth.

Location: Spinning rock of death orbiting a ball of nuclear fusion.



Movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, most Studio Ghibli films, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Tron, Tron: Legacy, Labyrinth, Breakfast Club

TV Shows: Torchwood, IT Crowd, Pushing Daisies, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, The Mighty Boosh, Red Dwarf, Firefly, Misfits, Scrubs, Steven Universe

Books: Good Omens, Interesting Times, Neverwhere, most things by Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Mistborn series, most anything by Anne McCaffrey, most Forgotten Realms stuff, the Truth series...

Fandoms: Harry Potter, the Whoniverse (Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane), Labyrinth, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


My characters: Kay, these are bound to pop up in a few different stories.

Name: Daffyd Rhys Baker

Age: 19

Looks: Daffyd

Bio: Daffyd, otherwise known as "Bowie-freak" or variations thereupon, is a snarky ass of a kid. He is friends with Kazimir Sokoll and Sergei Bekhesh (who isn't mine), and currently enrolled in Washington State University. He is loud and obnoxious towards people he doesn't like, and is very narrow in his view of people who are "worth his time". As such, he only really has a few friends. The people he has the most animosity for are Bubblegum Princesses (the ridiculously clichéd girls who wear slutty clothing and chomp on gum much louder than necessary) and Pantsless Pricks (the people who sag their pants so low that their underpants pouf out like a checkered souffle of tacky), but he reserves a special place in his annoyance for all clichéd people—which occasionally includes himself. He has an autistic younger sister, Aisling, four cats (Smudgy, Pudgy, Klutzy, and Ianto Jones), and one dalmation (Mr. Smith).

Continuity: Promverse

Stories feat. this character: "DAFFYD BAKER: Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual", "Devoid", a series of oneshots that'll be up soon

Name: Kazimir Cinnamon Sokoll

Age: 18

Looks: Kaz

Bio: Kazimir had the rule of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" drilled into his head at a young age. He has gotten into the habit of never insulting anyone aloud, which means he's practically mute at school. Whenever he's about to say something rude, he trails off and his jaw starts twitching. This doesn't mean he can't hit people, as he often reminds Daffyd. Kaz is a diver, and he would like it if people would recognize that divers and swimmers are not the same, thankyouverymuch. Kaz has no siblings or pets, though his mother really wants a kitten. His mother, Velvet, was a stripper before she got married. She's convinced that Kaz could earn a lot of money if he followed in her footsteps, and often teases him about that. Vladimir, his father, was born and raised in Russia, and went to MIT. He met Velvet when a few of his friends brought him to a club. They got married after he finished his degree and moved. Kaz himself is gay, and in a relationship with Sergei.

Continuity: Promverse

Stories feat. this character: "KAZIMIR SOKOLL: Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual", "Devoid", a series of oneshots that'll be up soon



Complete: "The Rose" - based off a very short story in a book of fairy tales.

"The Lady and the Rain" - A woman is driving home alone in the rain, to an empty house full of memories of her dead husband, and daughter in college. As she drives past a playground, however, she sees something that just might cheer her up. Based off a conversation I had with a then-friend trying to convince her to go outside with me in a rainstorm.

"DAFFYD BAKER: Owner's Guide" - A guide to the care and keeping of your DAFFYD unit, based off Theresa Greene's Guides.

"KAZIMIR SOKOLL: Owner's Guide" - A guide to the care and keeping of your KAZIMIR unit, based off Theresa Greene's Guides.

"Devoid" - My novel for NaNoWriMo 2011.

In Progress: "Of Russian Pseudo-mutes and Bowie-freaks" - A series of oneshots and little arcs about my Promverse charries (Daffyd and Kaz). Will also include Sergei and Gavin, who are Ezzie's characters for the Promverse.

Planned out: A large collabo project with Ezzie and another friend of mine, using the Promverse charries in the world I created for my NaNo 2010 novel. I dunno if it'll actually happen, but meh.


I shall add more to this later. Until then, ta! Please read my stories!

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