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"Open your eyes chopstick"

... I'm not insulting asian people with that username. Not really. Cuz for one, I'm asian. And two: if someone is insulted, they don't have a good sense of humor.

Okie Doki!

I figured that each time I see my profile saying the exact same thing every day, it'll get boring for both my readers and me. So, I'll do something fun. Whenever I log on, I'll change my profile. This way, You'll learn new things about me and my stories/poems each time you check my profile! YAY! This should get rid of my boredom.

Today: September 19, 2011

So, I'm at a new writing site: . It's pretty cool. I like it. I have my revised version (ch 1-4 so far) of A Princess Summoning. i still like FP though. it'll be my home, always, i think. lol. and i'll still be on the forums, so find me. :) Also, you can check out my blog at .

I LOST MY FLASHDRIVE. I had pretty much finished Cecilia when i lost my flashdrive :( I was going to update all of it starting yesturday but... IM SO SAD. IM LIKE CRYING OVER HERE. So for those who have been waiting patiently, I'm sorry. Things have just been really crazy around here and i was not thinking straight when i left my flashdrive at the computer lab at my school. I am desperatly looking for it. I'm even putting out an award for it. Anyways! luckily I have fictionpress that has up to chapter 11 of cecilia! (Though i'm missing half of the book with my flashdrive). I also backed up my story outline for Cecilia so at least I'm not working completely from scratch. I have also backed up A Princess Summoning first draft (all) and i have my revisions thus far on wattpad for it (thank god writing sites!). The only Novels i am missing is my nano novels and a few other novels i was working on at the side (which im so sad about...i want it back) plus my poems and ALL MY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS. i have two essays due within this week! now i have to start over from the very beginning...they were 8 page papers too -_- I'm so stressed.

If you're looking for a good read (besides my stories of course ;) ) then give these stories a try:

GALATIR by Jack in the Box

Demon's Blood by adesthar

At the Edge of the Forest by demented cookies

Twisted by Gracious Anne

Psychic Contactby genki-yuuutsu

Blaze Shooterby Lacta

The Legend of the spells by Kaos Ninja9

The Change by Autumn-Loxley

The Sweatest Sounds by xJadeRainx

What about the manga section? by Dice Darwin (okay, this is a poem. And...i just got to put it up here. its about my sweet manga forum, and dice here, made a poem about all our greatness. haha)

These, as one can guess, are mostly fantasy or manga. The Sweatest Sounds is a romance though, but as one who is extra picky with romance, this was really good. I hope to add more to the list, but if you're looking for a great read, these are ones you should look into. Some of the chapters are long, some are shorter. Any of the above has my vote. Or, the ones I extremely like, are the ones on my favorites list. Those are the ones you should REALLY look at.

Links: When I procrastinate, i look at writing blogs. it makes me feel better knowing at least i'm doing something writing related :)

I've been on this blog for a while now and it has a lot of good advice for writers, things I usually comment on when doing reviews. Check it out:


and another one...http:///2009/06/writing-advice-database.html

Another blog is more related to our fp community...since it IS made of fp writers! They know us, our struggles, and has the scope of the publishing world. Check it out at http:///

mary sue? Or not? Take the test: http:///quizzes/marysue.htm

I have my very own forum! And, it's doing pretty good. Only one topic that has any real visitors...and its so off topic, it's kinda funny. Check it out if you have time:

Okay, so for those who did not go to my forum yet, I suggest you at least check this topic out. It's my "Community" of authors here on FP who are willing to give out constructive critism and round critques. The "rules" is in there. If you want a good review on your story, check these authors out! These are authors who give great reviews! None of those lame ones! Or, if you believe you know an author that fits the discription, tell them about this forum. ask them to add their name. If you know someone who needs critiques BADLY, then steer them to this forum. We'll help them out!

Okay, so after reading some forums, someone gave a site that I think is really cool. http:/// It makes you write. If you don't there's a punishment. It's pretty cool. Check it out. I started laughing when my page started playing really bad violin music. Maybe, I'll be using that from now on so I can give you the next chapter of my stories!

I have stories and poems up, and for those who read it, thank you very much. The reviews I have gotten have either been very helpful (which makes me smile) and/or very nice and happy making. I wish to continue getting such helpful reviews and advice, so please, if you are not lazy, review my stories/poems. And get others to read and review them as well! The help would be appreciated!

how I review: I point out mistakes I saw and maybe give a little advice to help you remember/improve. Then, I tell you what I liked and WHY I liked them.

What I liked to see in the reviews: flattery is always ego boosting. Seriously, I don't mind those. BUT, the ones I LOVE are the ones that follow pretty much the same structure as how I review stories/poems

Please look forward to future updates! R&R! or PM. Whatever floats your boat. :)

These are my novel-length stories. I suggest reading "Cecilia." It's my newer work. But really, enjoy reading whatever suits your taste the most! Happy readings!

"Cecilia." Alida has no memories. She doesn't know how she got stuck in a tower, she doesn't even remember what her real name is. All she could recall was flames and the outline of a boy holding a cloth to cover her eyes with, so the sparks won't blind her. When a man convinces her to escape her tower, she jumps, only to be teleported by a witch to an unknown area. Blind, alone, and afraid, she journey's to find her fiancee and to find her lost memories - which changes her perspective on life, love, and everything she thought she knew forever. Ongoing.

"Twist of Daisy." The kingdom is in trouble. The king decided the best thing to do was ally with the dragons and defeat their enemies. They were victorious...but wait. The dragons didn't join for nothing. What they want is a princess. So the king decided to give up his daughter. seems there was a mix up. The day the daughter was supposed to be taken away, the dragon mistakened and took the kings son! Now, the son has to make sure no one finds out he is actually a boy, or there just might be another war in his hands. Suspended.

Please continue to read and review my stories/poems! And tell others about it too! PM me even, if you're too shy to review it. :) It'll be appreciated, and it'll definiatly make me more motivated in writing/posting. Thank you!

Thank you and I'm glad I have all of your support!

So, until next time I post,


Note: If you're too shy to leave a review, I'm really nice. So please, don't be shy. :) But if you are, i'd like to know who's reading my story, so please, PM me. I'd love to talk to you and get to know more about you! I'm looking for great friends - reader and writers alike.

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