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So, I am now putting my profile in without dated updates and it's all about me now, so as Happy Bunny says..."Deal with it!"

Anyway, I'm a young hippie pagan who writes for enjoyment. It might not be the best (I personally think it gets better and I constantly improve all of my stories, even when they're done), but I enjoy the process as it usually calms me down. It also helped me cope when there was no hope and no time for me to escape the abuse. Lately, though, since I've been living with my son, Calvin (born September 29, 2011), and boyfriend (the father of our son), life has been better. However, to write at this time is just finishing stories, making new ones and relaxing during the time that Calvin lets me!

I do like where writing takes people, though: interesting places, people and ideas that shape our complex minds. Books, and most especially stories here, can take us anywhere we want them to go. Our minds run freely and are giddy when we explain, pair up and even create everything, especially new characters with our favorite ones.

My interests are many, my dislikes are few. I don't want to display my dislikes here because of the trouble I might cause. However, I do like to read books (kinda a DUH here!), write (obviously), sit on my butt and fool around on my laptop (less and less with Calvin around!), listen to my favorite music (anything really) and do some schoolwork as I am in getting a degree, in Education for the state of Maine. I used to live in Connecticut, but we moved up here to Maine in February 2012 for a better life and to be together as a family. We currently live in a farmhouse with two acres of land in the rent, but several behind it (landlord property we can walk on anytime we want to). We also have a cat named Myra.

Sometimes, I write a lot. Sometimes, I spend months without writing. I'm either busy with Calvin, on writer's block, fixing this farmhouse or even have too much schoolwork to do. However, I NEVER leave a story unfinished, no matter how long it takes me to do so. It might take me a couple of years to finish a story, but when it's done, I do want to feel proud that I did do it.

I do thank people for reading and reviewing my stories. I don't get a lot of reviews and I don't like begging (which I sometimes will do), so please at least leave something that will shape my stories for the better. It's all I'll ever ask.

And for those that have been with me from the beginning and have extended their hand of friendship (you all know who you are), I thank you so much for everything. You've been one of the greatest things that happened in my life. For those yet to come, I wish you a merry meet and I hope to see you again.


If someone has autism, this can mean:

Their brain works differently than others'. They don't understand facial expressions and emotions, and have a hard time showing their own emotions. Other people’s emotions confuse and upset them.

They have some trouble understanding language and instruction. Sometimes we have to talk to them like they are younger than they are. They often seem not to be listening to us when we talk to them.

Everything stresses them out (trying to look at people’s eyes, changes in routine and schedule, doing unfamiliar activities) and so they try to stop the stress by trying to be in control of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around them. Sometimes they might seem rude or bad, but they are really just struggling to understand things around them.

Even their own family can have trouble helping them sometimes, but you can help by:
--talking to them using a calm voice.
--not making fun of them or teasing them.
--realizing that people do their best to help him be calm and do well.
--making sure you have their attention before you tell them something.

Some of the symptoms or effects of autism can be:
--normal teaching methods don't work.
--inappropriate laughing and giggling.
--crying or tantrum.
--acts as if he or she is deaf.
--no fear of real dangers.
--is upset by changes in routine or other things.
--spins objects or own body.
--extreme distress for no known reason.
--sustained odd play.
--has trouble playing with peers.
--not cuddly and might resist touch.
--little or no eye contact.
--seems standoffish.
--inappropriate attachment to objects.
--may have trouble understanding language.
--sometimes seems overactive and is sometimes overly quiet.

Copy this into your profile if you know someone with autism or if you just want to spread the awareness.

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