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Hey, hello there guys, this is the first time i wrote in this website, i tried to find a website that i can

create my own characters and my story, that is not related in a certain anime,movies,books etc.

Hymn of Death

Main Characters:

Rie Leather- the female protagonist of the story. She is the Countess of the Leather Household as well as the CEO of the Phoenix Mining Company in India but it seems that her Uncle Henry is the one managed the company for her. She summoned a devil when her stepfather sexually abuses her and the demon killed the nobleman by her orders and she is determined to find the culprit who killed her father 7 years ago. She is somehow very emotionless to others but she somehow showed humanistic side like smiling and laughing even though it's just an act. She had a deep bond with her demon butler; Ralph Stratford and became her ally as well as her companion. Her feelings for Greg Anthony is unclear but she display some affection for him even just a bit.

Ralph Stratford- the head butler of the Leather Household and a demon that Rie summoned when she was a child. He is a dedicated and faithful butler to his mistress and showed some gentle side towards others. But his true nature is a cruel, merciless and very sadistic demon that everyone intimidates. He lust after Rie Leather's pure but tainted soul that's why he remained faithful to her until he finally consume her soul after she accomplished her goal.

Greg Anthony Williams- the deuterogonist of the story. He is Rie's childhood friend as well as her love interest in the story. He is a flirtatious and very sly young nobleman.

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