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Well, let's see. I'm currently writing a three novel story arc in the Harry Potter universe. You can find more details about that at http:///group/hp_veris/ which is the update and discussion list. All I'll say about that here is that it's an epic in every sense of the word series for the more mateur Harry Potter reader. I wanted to write something which both addresses issues in the books which JKR will not because of her younger audience, yet retains that charm and humor that make the books so enjoyable. I have yet to know if I've succeeded.

I also run a Buffy The Vampire Slayer website, at the homepage URL above. It's an exclusive archive for the excellent in BTVS and A:TS fanfiction.

I'm a Stanford student, double major in clinical psychology and english/creative writing, with interests everywhere from politics to feminist studies to linguistics and music (vocal, I'm a metso).

My taste in fanfiction runs the entire spectrum from angst to fluff, in many different fandoms and ships. I'm one of those strange people who enjoys both slash and het, though my current project is entirely het. Enjoy what you read here, and please drop me a line to tell me what you think.

Oh yes, and my livejournal is at http:///~shayllla/

NOTE: In light of the new policies of Sept. 12, 2002, I will be moving all my work to a personal fiction archive. When the site is ready I will post the address here. I will also be leaving my fic here, as I don't wish to lose any reviews. I may finish posting my current series, but I'm not sure yet. In any case, all my fiction, of all fandoms and ratings, will be eventually archived on a personal site.

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