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Richard S. O'Day

Just a guy from Canada that enjoys reading and writing.

Trying to get back into the fictionpress game. I have been on this site for nearly six years and want to get involved again because its great place with a great community. I took down all my old stories and changed my pen name to get a fresh start. Currently working with some new ideas and am now spending most of my time on my new fantasy story Tainted Ashes and with rewriting one of my older stories Decay of Dawn. Also, have some ideas on the go with stories in the science fiction, fantasy, and western genres but not sure if anything will come out of these ideas for a while yet. I may even take a look at and repost some of my older works, though some major rewrites will be needed.

My works:

Tainted Ashes is on hold right now, and I will try and write more in the future but right now have some major writers block. In the meantime, I have been rewriting an old fantasy story I have called Decay of Dawn. This story puts more focus on the shortcomings and chaos of medieval feudal societies then Tainted Ashes does. A bit more graphic and mature as well.

Other stuff:

I have in the past put a lot of time into research and character design for a science fiction story involving a crime-ridden future society where humans have colonised various celestial bodies. The story would follow some of these criminals as they try and survive a time of conflicting ideologies and interplanetary organised crime.

I have an old action story revolving around a post-nuclear war Earth with multiple POV's where each character has their own unique storyline. I may decide to start reworking that and try to finish depending on how I am enjoying my other projects and if readers enjoy them.


If anyone wants to talk about anything just pop me a message, I enjoy meeting new people!

Pokemon GO is slowly consuming my life.

I like maps.

Turkey Sandwichs are life blood.

I wonder if anyone reads this?

I am currently reading The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski and they are pretty good.

There is way too much rain in this province.

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Decay of Dawn
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