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If you're an "Arthur Pendragon - Vampire" reader...

Hello, my dear readers,

It is an honor to receive you here, on my humble profile. If you are here, I shall assume that you've read some of my work and, dare I say it, enjoyed it. In that case, I thank you for your time. I shall just mention here, if you haven't seen it at the top of my chapters, that all of my writing is my own and copying any part of it (without my consent) is illegal and unfair. Thank you!

If you're a "My Not So Secret Diary" reader...

...Or, you know, a teenager or young adult or just like reading normal English, complete with slang...

Hey there!

'Sup. Well, the name's Evie.P and clearly, I like to write. I'm female, sixteen and proud. I'm a bit of a feminist but also a hopeless romantic. I'm a private school kid but I'm not rolling in money or snooty. I'm cliched and contradictory. Can you tell?

Now, I know of a fair few authors who only write a certain genre so I'll warn you now: I am not one of them. You can probably expect any genre or style from me 'cause I'm a bit of an all rounder. Seriously, romance to horror, fantasy to young adult, friendship to adventure, action to poetry. And I'm not kidding about the poetry thing. I'm just going to tell you a few things about me, 'cause I like to think that people are interested in my life. Or at least, the embarrassing bits.

Most random fear:


Don't ask. All you need to know is that it stems from a children's book involving a lawn mower and a toddler.

Most blush worthy mental slip up:

a few months ago when I saw my crush at the time

'Okay, I really want to screw- strangle him'

I meant to think 'I really want to strangle him' because I was annoyed with myself for being so attracted to him, but more annoyed with him for being so damn hot (see! It was totally his fault :P ). Anyway, clearly, my head, my heart and my hormones had different opinions on this subject.

Funniest spoonerism:

from one of my bffl's

"I'm a Persian shelfish!"

She was trying to say, "I'm a selfish person". It didn't quite work out. It was hilarious though.

Th-th-th-that's all folks!

At least for now.


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