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Writing has been a deeply embedded, yet subtle passion of mine that has never ceased to pull me back into its clutches. No matter how long I have gone without writing or how many times I have lost all motivation to even write a single word, one day I'll just pick it back up like no time has passed. In nights that I can't sleep, I read over things I've written and lose myself in the vast worlds I've created which never fails to tire me out. The majority of my stories stem from a single scene from a very vague dream, so the topics are usually original, but it's difficult to come up with new material that isn't a 'rip-off' of some kind. I try to focus on character development, relationships, and world-building to keep things fresh.

The quote, "If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word" from Margaret Atwood, has been extremely important to me since I spend too much time thinking and not enough time writing!


A list of the current writing projects I have in my head. They may or may not have been published, even partially, on this site, but it's waiting in a word doc on my desktop.

-Gravitational Pull: a story that was started perhaps 10 years ago and has been on and off in terms of development. It is my pride and joy and it will be released once I feel like it's ready. It has been the one story that I absolutely adore and have given ample amounts of time to develop every aspect of the plot.

-Running Silent: discontinued at this point. I felt like it was too similar to Hunger Games and other stories involving the same plot point. It's going through the process of rewriting and will be posted under a new title: Proxy.

-Red Tape: writer's blocked. I wanted to write a story about the delicate nature of government that revolved around the phrase "history is written by the victors", but I was not able to develop enough plot points to keep the story going and still make sense.

-Primal Sense: undergoing plot development and outlining. I find potential in it since I have not found many stories dealing with the topic in this specific form.

-The Magnetic Ability: a mildly successful story at it's first release. It was a story just for fun and based on the series Maximum Ride, however now I feel like there's potential for a more original plot and character development.

-Parallel: undergoing plot development and outlining. I wanted to write about the underused solution to fixing an irrevocable mistake, dimension hopping (like in Rick and Morty!) as opposed to the more common time travel. I had no idea what else to do besides that though so I'm stuck, haha.

-The Fear of Death: a short story that I hoped would spark some inspiration for 2016 NaNoWriMo. I got busy with school so I never got to expand on it more, but it's been released to see what people think and how I should shape that world.

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