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Hi there.

Ignore the fact that any of this exists.

The story:
Broken Departure (A.K.A. IMS, The Kill, and O'Connor Manor) Was a long story about nothing. That's right... absolutely nothing! If there is plot hidden somewhere in this mess, I sure can't find it. Okay... well I can. I'm not really an expert on what constitutes a plot, but since the characters all have desires and they are taking action to get the things they want, I'm going to believe that there is some sort of plot. (We have an outline.. does that mean we have a plot? o_o)
Currently writing:Nothing...
Bad news: My computer crashed!
Good news: Got a new computer! And, chapter 21 was nearly finished!
More Bad News: Things just weren't working out.

Hello, Departure (AKA Paradisaical) is my failed attempt at typing the bits and peices of Allen's POV that I need to write to understand Broken Departure.

Oneshots may ensue... But I'll only post oneshots here if they involve Broken Departure characters... Anything else will be on my regular account, which I no longer use regularly. I just suck.

Oh, also... Just in case..
That's my old account where I used to post things...
Truthfully, I hope to go back and write more stories of my own very soon.

The favorite stories/authors... they're good. They vary, since Julie likes different things than Sarah... But if anyone sees this and doesn't feel like reading our story, it'd still be cool if you check out our favorites. :)

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To Love Both reviews
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Paradisaical reviews
Spending the summer with his withdrawn family in his hometown might not be too bad, were they not so resentful of Allen... or if certain people would just stop being so clingy... That might be good too. I return reviews.
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