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Hey! It's meeeeeee! Oh, you need details? Well...I am young. I am a christian and I looooooooove to write! School gets in the way a lot, but I try to balance it out. I have a Fanfiction story (Gallagher Girls). I don't have any Fictionpress stories because a) No one seems to review that much on here, and the only reason I'd put stuff on here would be for feed back so I know what to change and I what I need to practice. b) Once I start writing a story, I usually only get about half of it done before I get bored with it and just quit. So, yeah. I don't have any stories on here.

I DO love reading all of the stories on here though. Since people don't review much, I try to review to as many stories as possible and give my opinion on it. If you care about my opinion or not doesn't matter to me. I'll be honest but I won't be harsh.

Well, on to the other pointless facts about me...

Name: Does it matter? I'm all about Dr. Suess-ing it (not the weird rhymes just the fake name!)! You can call me Mixie if you want. It's not my real name, but a ton of people call me that.

Age: 1000003. Give or take a few.

Diagnosis: Chocoholic and a laughaholic. Also, I have an addiction to Coca-Cola. I have caffeine withdraws when I don't drink them for a while.

IQ: Well, I scored 96/100 on a blonde test, so you tell me...

Likes: Chocolate, music (can't live without it!)(especially He Is We, Nevershoutnever!, and Nickasaur!), writing, reading, editing, ect. ect. ect.

Dislikes: Seafood. All of it. No fish, crawfish, shrimp, tuna, nah-dah. None. Also, I'm allergic to cats. I love them to death, but my nose and eyes don't.

Top 5 fave books (but not nessicarily in this order):

The Gallagher Girls Series

Sixth Grade Secrets

Heist Society

The Truth About Forever

This Lullaby



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