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Since you've arrived at this page, why not read and review a story of mine? I love reviews.

I won't do anything fancy with this profile. I'm writing a story about a comically villainous dragon right now, and I'm planning to upload a story about a comically arrogant diarist living in New York City. I've never been to New York City.

I have strange friends, and I don't really know if they are my friends. I have friends who are atheists, but still try to summon demons. I have friends who love Japanese anime, and dress up for conventions. I have friends who hate anime, and spend their time making fun of my friends who dress up for conventions.

I'm a typical slacker. I don't do very much work, but what I do I do well. I think. I can only do my best work under the lovely influence of adrenaline. I'm always late for everything. I get away with it, mostly. I probably won't be famous, but maybe I will be. If I'm famous, I want to meet famous men and have parties at famous mansions. I'd also like to meet famous women, and have famous babies with them.

I have a weird quirk, when I'm writing, where I really love to start my sentences with the letter 'I'. In order for my sentences to become 'fantastic' sentences, I need to see the letter 'I' at the beginning of the sentence. If you don't believe me, re-read everything I've written so far. I don't like it if my sentences end with the letter 'r', but sometimes it is unavoidable. I prefer my sentences to end with the letter 'e'.

I don't scan other people's sentences for the letter 'I', just my own. I write most comfortably in first-person, because of that. I like to challenge myself to write in third-person, although it isn't always as interesting.

I respect George Orwell the most of any author I have read. It's not only his writing that I admire, but his philosophy of language. I believe that language is a tool that we shape for our own purposes, and that it should always be clear. I believe that when we write, clarity should be valued above everything else. I believe that verbosity (and particularly the use of unnecessary words) usually leads to bad writing.

In my stories, my characters can sometimes fill their language with lots and lots of unnecessary words: this is a character trait.

I need a Beta Reader. If you want to be my Beta Reader, I want you to be my Beta Reader. So, just say so. I understand that it's difficult to say, 'Hey, we've never chatted or spoken before, but I think I should read your stories for you." But, really, I would appreciate it.

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