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Hello, I'm Friday Byrd (pseudonym, of course) and I'm 15 years old. I live in the suburbs of a small recently developed town no one has ever heard of. To be honest I'd rather be living in the city, suburbia is not for me. All of the buildings around here are too new and uneventful. I prefer surroundings with a little bit of natural character and history you can feel, as well as a hustle-bustle atmosphere. I guess I'm kind of an odd person as far as habits and tastes go. I am a very left-brain person when it comes to living as I am a bit compulsory with cleaning and organization. However, with pursuit of interests I am very right-brain and creative. I take interest in sketching (wood pencil), pastels, charcoal, thinking of grand, elaborate adventures but never writing them down, rugby, expanding my vocabulary, piano, and trying to be an interesting person. I also like things. Such as making up scenes in my head to go with music I listen to, medical gloves, snappy comebacks, odd snacks, vintage clothing, collecting pens, and decorating cakes. I consider myself fairly well rounded as far as my world views go so I'm going to go ahead and get some of my opinions on customary topics out of the way:

GBLT Tolerance - Extremely tolerant. Let people love who they love.

Abortion - Pro-Choice

Political Loyalties - I suppose if I were to lump myself into a category it would be liberal although I tend not to muddle much with politics as it seems too corrupt to bother myself with anyway.

Orientation - Straight and single (So what's new? Ha!)

Dogs or Cats - I wish it could be both, but I am fiercely allergic to cats. So dogs.

Mac or PC - Mac

Baked or Mashed - Definitely mashed

My writing style is rather dark for some, unless I'm going for wit. I tend to get a bit wordy sometimes but I'm working on it. I enjoy realism in art and literature, and I try to introduce it's presence in my own work. I hardly ever get any of my pieces done for one of three reasons; Procrastination, the curse of perfectionism, gets forgotten in a desk/notebook/etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And just for the record, I am a spelling nazi. I would love to gain some constructive criticism to better improve what I do, any reviews are appreciated. As well as new acquaintances :)