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Hello, I'm sixteen years
old, and guess what! I'm no longer an underclasswoman! Junior baby one more year... Anyway... I don't have any free time anymore, as you can see by how often I update my fics :0 I enjoy playing my cello, dancing, volleyball, writing (duh) and sleeping. I like Jake and Cassie of the Animorphs, I think that's the cutest couple, and am really starting to get into CSI and Smallville (Lana and Lex in 2003!). I also love reading and especially like anything by Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Lois Duncan, Caroline B. Cooney, John Grisham and Toni Morrison. My favorite shows are CSI,
Mad TV, Real World, Grounded For Life, Smallville, Charmed, Bernie Mac and just about any reality-based show. War and horror movies are awesome, and the best I've ever seen is
The Last of the Mohicans, Romeo Must Die, Pearl Harbor, Crooklyn, The Craft and Glory...that movie is sooo sad! :sigh: Odds are if you e-mail me I'll send one right back, so fair warning.