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Hmmmm... What can I say about myself?

Fave Color: (Sky) blue

Fave Book: 'Saving Francesca' by Melina Marchetta

Fave Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean I (Black Pearl)

Fave Song: 'Believe' by Cher

Fave Comedian: Dane Cook (I love Dave Chappelle, but I haven't watched him as much yet)

Fave Time of the Day: Anytime besides afternoons; afternoons make me feel so depressed... Though the wee hours of the morning and the dead of night make me excited for some reason

Fave Holiday: Xmas; gotta love presents! :D jk, I love it because I get to spend quality time with the fam, which I LUUUV

Fave Manga Series: Skip Beat (gasp! which reminds me I haven't read the latest update!!!)

Fave Form of Persuasive Oratory: Pathos; there's just something about statistics...

Fave Language: French, though Spanish sounds sexy

Fave Animal: Butterfly!!!

Fave Sound: Waves at the Beach and Music (vague, I know, but music really is miraculous)

Fave Music: I've been having a fleeting affair with house and electronic (electro house too) as of late (who doesn't love Tiesto?!), but I must say that R&B does it for me ;) ... Just to be clear, NO DUBSTEP. Okay, maybe a little. But not too much dubstep.

Fave Religion: Buddhism, though I'm ardently Christian (did I mention that I'm in love with oxymorons and paradoxes? what would life be without contradictions lol!)

Fave Hair-and-Eye Combinations: I'll have to go with jet black hair and... blue eyes. green eyes? grey eyes... hmmm, I'll have to get back to you on that one...

Fave Writing Utensil: Ball-point pen; it feels special to write with :P

Fave Quote: 'Practice makes perfect' -- ah, scratch that: 'Aim for the moon; if you don't make it, at least you'll have caught a few stars' - Anonymous (jk, I just don't know who said that...)

Fave Accessory: Gloves (I really like the biker-esque, finger-less gloves, and for some reason I'm really into those fishnet wristlet-thingies--not exactly gloves, but they cover your arms from about the elbow down and there's this ring-like hoop that you put on your middle finger. Sexy!)

Fave Sensation: let's not get too pervy here, I'm not talking human-on-human... I say: hot sun on my skin, especially in the hours before noon on a gorgeous cloud-less day

Fave Story Cliche: Boy-girl best friends fall in love... :) I also find the teacher-student romance kinda kinky X)

Fave Dead or Alive Character: La Mariposa (DOA 4, I think -- really, butterflies rock!)

Fave Car: Porsche Carrera GT. I WILL get one!

Fave Fruit: Grape

Fave Juice: OJ! Even though I don't really like orange as a fruit, or a flavor, really

Fave Flavor: Watermelon... I must say Jolly Ranchers brought on this fetish -- Oh, and chocolate for ice cream :)

Fave Subject: I honestly don't like any one subject over all the others, but I do find that English has always been one of my fortes ;)

Fave Flower: forget-me-not

Fave Technology: I would say laptop 'cuz I'm behind mine like 24/7, but...yup, I say laptop

Fave Female Character Name: Too many to list, but right now I'm digging Laurelle; don't even know if it exists, I just kind of put it together :)

Fave Male Character Name: Hmmm, haven't thought about it. For now I'll say... Lysander? Other hot names: Caleb, Adrian, Darian, Eric

Fave Writing Spot: Desk in front of large bay window to let in a nice breeze :D

Fave Value: Self-Discipline (the one I like the most; ironic)

Fave Depression Cure: An awesome story, even though that's becoming harder and harder to come by... Hey, it's better than drugs!

Fave Drug: Um, don't have one 'cuz I actually like my life :D

Fave State: New York! Most of my extended fam's over there!

Fave Number: 9 :D

Fave Food: Lasagna; I'm totally Garfield in this aspect (though cats and I do NOT share a love-story)

Fave Occupation: Project Manager; it's just something I just love the idea of, but I know I'm not gonna actually become one

Fave Workout: Zumba! Zumba! Zumba!

Fave Power: Reading minds

Fave TV Show: House!

Fave Vegetable: Tomatoes (I would say carrots, but I really kinda mean baby carrots, which I don't really think should count)

Fave Dress Style: short, flowy skirt, criss-cross back

Fave Alias: Nikki. Friends call me Kita though, and it's grown on me :D

Fave Alcoholic Beverage: Cremas -- Haitian drink, y'all!

Fave Breakfast: Waffles drowning in maple syrup (and no, honey is NOT an acceptable substitute, though I love it separately)

Fave Snack: Gummy bears (worms also do at times)

Fave Personality Trait: Funniness

Fave Humor: Sarcastic, witty

Fave Spiritual Book: 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. You should totally read it, it's short and SWEET

Fave Ethnic Food (Besides Haitian, which is obviously the BEST): Chinese

Fave Dinosaur: Brontosaurus

Fave Actor: Okay, so there is NO WAY IN HELL that I can name just one, so here goes: Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Junior, Scarlett Johannsen, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carey

Fave Instrument: The sexy sax ;). Though, the one I would most like to play is the piano

Fave Letter: N. Call me biased. I dare you.

Fave Shoes: Closed-toe 6" pumps

Fave Store: Charlotte Russe

Fave Designer: Luis Vuitton

Fave Body of Water: River

Fave Greek God/Goddess: Athena

Fave Cereal: There are SO many: 1)Trix, 2)Cocoa Puffs, 3)Golden Grahams, 4)Captain Crunch, there are so many more; don't feel like writing them right now...

Fave Chocolate: Ferrero Rocher, followed by Reeces Peanut Butter Cups (Yay!!), then Snickers

Fave Restaurant: Chez Wou (Chinese Restaurant in Haiti)

Fave Pizza: Papa John's (grandma pizza? Oh yes)

Fave Fast-Food Restaurant: Subway (Eat Fresh :D

Fave Soft Drink: Ugh, so many... Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi-Cola, Cola Couronne

Fave Amusement Park: Six Flags

Fave Nintendo Game: Supermario Bros all the way!!! And I'm talking about that old-ass Gameboy version

Fave Form of Communication: Face-to-Face Talking (what? Some people are obsessed with bbming, texting, emails, ugh!)

Fave Hairstyle: Side-Part, let down

Fave Piercing: Tongue piercing

Fave Body Part: Brain

Fave Power Source: Solar

Fave Ice Cream Brand: Haagen Daz

Fave Sneaker Brand: Nike

Fave Height: 6"

Fave Date Scene: Beach

Fave Cartoon: PowerPuff Girls

Fave Racial Mix: Black and Asian

Fave Planet: Neptune

Fave Month: May

Fave Day: Wednesday

Fave Season: Spring. I used to think it was winter. Then I actually experienced one.

Fave Superhero: Superman

Fave Tickle-Spot: Neck (mine is super-sensitive!)

Aspirations: I have no idea. In fact, the idea of the future scares me. Like, what am I gonna DO?? I don't know what I want to major in, I don't know what I want to pursue in terms of career, I don't even have familial aspirations (getting married, having children). Lost soul aren't I? I do have quite a few hobbies though.

A Few of My Hobbies: writing (romance and fantasy novels / short stories), reading (whatever's good!), ALL sorts of sports (faves include soccer, ping-pong, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and horsebackriding), dancing, chess (ya, I know these can be considered sports too...), singing (KARAOKE!!), cooking, baking, surfing the internet, hanging out with my friends, partying, knitting, making lists (ya, I'm weird), messing up stuff and then organizing them (ok, I'm super weird, sue me)... Yup, these are just a FEW by the way. As you can see, this can pretty much go on forever. Oh I also like trying new things, so you can see how this list will probably grow :)

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