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About me: Hello person reading my profile. If you are someone that also goes on to fanfiction.net and noticed this username I am the same person as the OhJay there. I won't have nearly as many stories there because I only have so many ideas and such, but I'm still planning to post some stuff here.

Anyway, well to start I'm an Anime Otaku. I started watching Pokemon at six, then some time later I saw Sailor Moon and Robotech. At 11 I got tired of Pokemon and got into Kingdom Hearts, and started reading manga soon after. Red River was my first series, but then I had to stop reading it because of the MC (I've re-read it by now). I've read more Shojo than Shonen, but I balance it out with all the Shonen anime I watch. I did watch Naruto, but I dropped it after it went down hill (AKA after Sasuke left). I 2008 I started my first cosplay as Asuna from Negima! and since then I have done Princess Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles, four versions of Edward Elric (Normal, movie, military, and steampunk), and Major General Olivia Armstrong from FullMetal Alchemist, Fox McCloud from Star Fox, Aerith Gainsbrough and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, and Mari Makinami from Evengelion 2.0.

Yes I just copied and pasted from my fanfiction profile, but I'm not really sure what else there is to say.

For those who read Black Wings before I took it down, I will be rewriting it entirely at some point.

Story Progress: (In order I started them)


Black Wings (On hold and temporarily deleted due to complete lack of motivation)

Those born with black wings bring a curse of death where ever they go, and those who kill them shall prosper. T for death, blood, and violence.

Written: 1/10? Edited: 0/10?


Untitled "If you come with me I'll explain everything, but if you don't more of them will come, and they WILL kill you" Even though this man obviously wasn't human, I trusted him, and took his hand. T for blood and violence.

Written: 2/15? Edited: 0/15?


Future Stories: (In priority order, untitled only temporary)

On The Run The year is 3268. Earth is still recovering from WWIII, but there still isn't any peace. Josh doesn't care about much in the world, but that was before he met Anna. T for violence.

Revenge One killer, and three strangers with ties to his recent victums all wanting the same thing, but will they get it? T for violence, blood, and murder.

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