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Hello, welcome!

I am Avra-Sha Faohla.

I love cheese but rarely eat it. I also love sweet things and eat those far too often. I once had a weakness for earrings, but these days I mostly only wear them on weekends and special occasions. I think the night is beautiful; I like to sit outside on my driveway—late at night when no one else is out—and stare out at the stars, confessing my feelings aloud to the empty air, and trying to figure myself out. I love nature, but I am not an animal-lover, preferring to watch them from afar. I love the smell of pages in old books. I like long skirts that sweep the ground. I sometimes get these strange feelings that I am the only real person on earth, and my life is a sick game that the whole world is playing against me. (But that happens rarely. I'm actually quite a cheerful person.)

I am socially awkward. I love strangers. The knowledge that I will probably never see them again makes me feel comfortable and reassured, and I find it easy to talk to them. But even more than that, I love people online, because I don't have to face them, and I feel like all the awkwardness vanishes when I can communicate this way. Perhaps I feel more at home because I prefer the written word to the spoken word. I am, after all, a writer.

One more thing: The link above will take you to my blog. Sporadically and infrequently updated, but I have fun with it.

Red by Bethie M. W reviews
She knows nothing of herself; past, present, or future, except for the haunting memory of something Red. She ambles on-searching-for what, she cannot tell. One-shot adaptation of ye 'ole fairy tale. Rated T for briefly mentioned nekkedness and violence.
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