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Hey everyone on!

My name is Isabella.

I'm a writer in progress.


review, favorite, and alert!


Before I write anymore I just want to let you guys know something. If any of you review, favorite, or alert one of my Generals, Fictions, or Poetry's I will favorite you and read something you have written and leave a comment. Thanks.

Manga/Anime is my sport... I think just about everything is dumbledorable. If you don't agree oh well.


Ouran High School Host Club (Love this anime it's probably my all time favorite.),
Vampire Knight,
Fruits Basket,
Amagami SS (barely started),
Kimi Ni Todoke,
Fullmetal Alchemist (brotherhood as well),
Ai Yori Aoshi,
Dengeki Daisy,
Kaichou wa Maid-sama,
Shugo-Chara! (still working on it),
Lovely Complex,
Special A,
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (still working on it),
Bokura ga Ita,
DN Angel,
Gakuen Alice,
Skip Beat,
Gravitation (Yaoi),
Peach Girl
Gurren Lagann,
Princess Princess,
K-ON (Working on it),
Hetalia (I'm on Axis Powers. Who can't love Italy?),
Kamichama Karin (Season 1. Still working on it),
Kimi no Iru Machi (Just started.),
Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler. In the middle of it.),
Soul Eater,
Junjo Romantica. (Yaoi, just finished... it's my latest obsession! XD)


Name: Isabella

Age: 12 (I'm a very serious writer for my age lol)

Birthday: Oct 2nd

Favorite Color(s): Blue and green (any type of blue and light green)

Favorite Animal(s): Pandas and birds.

Siblings: 3 brothers and 1 sister-in-law (I'm the youngest)

Favorite Song: any song on my Ipod!

Favorite Thing To Do: draw, write, listen to music... etc.

Favorite Food: Italian, Chinese, and anything SPICY!! XD

Height: 5'7

Hair Color: light blonde, naturally curly (so shiny. I'm a NATURAL blonde)

Eye Color: green/blue (it differs by day)

Pets: a fish named Tootsie, a rabbit named Nutmeg, a cat named Tigerlily, and a dog named Chance (we got him from the Humane Society recently '7/5/10' he's a chow and golden retriever mix and he lost his left hind leg to a mass that infected his leg. His past owner didn't take good care of him so the name "Chance" came from us giving him another shot at life.)

Favorite Things: My dog, My writings (especially "River Lily"), My toy panda Chan (had since i was 3), my laptop, my cat, and my Ipod nano.


Renee (Mini Iceface, or just Mini)- She's really cool and awesome. I want to go to Africa all day long! XP ~Inside joke~

Melynie (Skye-nicole , or just Mel)- She is a crazy spaz and that's why I love her.


I plan on writing many poems and many stories so be prepared because one day you are going to find thirty of each all on here. Okay my stories (River Lily, 42 Days 17 Minutes and 18 Seconds, and This Song) all are romance and some comedy here and there. So check them out!

"River Lily" -Young Adult- Rated: T for teen for the occasional cursing.

"42 Days 17 Minutes and 18 Seconds" -Young Adult- Rated: T for teen for the talk of drugs and alcohol.

"This Song" -Young Adult- Rated: T for teen for the mentioning and use of alcohol and cigarettes. Also occasional cursing.

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