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Hey :) I'm Quiora. I haven't written anything in about a year - college plus my overload of siblings plus my bitch of a mother and awesome father...Yeah, stressful is an understatement LOL

Anyways, I'm seventeen and I love writing erotica both for the guys and the girls. Some of my spelling may be off though - I'm Romanian and English is my second language and has been since I was seven but I never really got the hang of it LOL

My now-ex-but-still-awesome-friend Moonwolf 3000 writes on here, too :) Her stories are awesome. I miss writing with her but since she's in London and I'm in Bucharest, its really hard to do that anymore :'( That's why I hate my mother - she moved my family back to Romania just because I was in a relationship with a girl who wasn't Catholic. I don't believe in God myself but my mother has tried to HAMMER it into me and my siblings since birth. Only two of us actually believe in God and Catholicism. Meh, I'm atheist and she hates it. She seems to think my ex made me "stray to the devil's path" but Cass was the good one in our relationship :) I miss her every day and most of the heroines in my stories are based on her because she was so beautiful and fantastic.

Anyways, that's about it about me :) I LOVE reading books and manga too. My favourite author is (by far) JR Ward and my favourite manga has to be The Dark-Hunters. Both are awesome :)