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Age: 17

Name: Tiffanie but call me Rei.

Gender: I'm a girl.

Likes: Anime/Manga, Type-Moon, shoujo-ai, insane characters, my brothers, acting, drawing and writing.

Dislikes: Too many things to count.

Goal: Become a well-rounded otaku.

What I'll write: Stories in the manga genre.

Sub-Genre: Comedy is my favorite genre so... Yup, mostly that. Along with various other genres sprinkled in.

Update 7-30-13:

Psychotic Lover's development is going swimmingly. As for Magical Sonata, it's a stable project. I'm tempted to rewrite the first two chapters but all I'll end up doing is basically fixing errors, making the structure less awkward and try to not jump into different point of views randomly. It's only an idea right now though.

Favorite Anime/Manga

1. Gintama

2. Inu x Boku SS

3. Kara no Kyoukai

4. The Monogatari Series

5. Angel Beats!

6. Denpa Kyoushi

7. Katanagatari

8. Hayate no Gotoku!

9. Steins;Gate

10. Fate/Zero

Notice: The list can change often.

Other Website Accounts

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FanFiction Profile

I tend to say more on my Fanfiction account. If you have any questions, send me a message or you might find your answer on my profile.

Other: I deleted Shi no Tenshi due to being too busy and the first chapter sucking. I'll rewrite the first chapter but first I have to focus on some of my stories because some people are too impatient. Also, when I do start writing here again, expect better grammar, spelling, plot and character development. I'm in the process of making 2 other original stories soon, too. Look out for me soon! XD

Upcoming Stories

1. Title: Death Angel

Genre: Action/Adventure/Tragedy/School life/Martial arts/Romance/Friendship/Fantasy

Summary: Previously known as Shi no Tenshi is the re-written and much darker version Death Angel. Keiko (Previously Rei) is a 15 year old high school student that was orphaned at age 5 after watching her parents die before her eyes. She is a cold-blooded and emotionless person and will not hesitate to hurt someone if they look at her the wrong way. She meets a young boy, Toshiro, one day who claims to be an angel of sorts. His job is to get Keiko to learn how to care about other people again and aid her in a fight she will become involved in. This story was inspired by Bleach, Elfen Lied (Which I will never watch due to being weak-hearted... How was I inspired by it if I didn't even watch it? Wikipedia rules!) and some dark horror anime songs.

Rating: T but may change to M

Final comments: Before you get the wrong idea, by romance I meant Keiko with another character who will show up much later in the story. Not Toshiro! I'm writing more of the plot write now and it's turning out to be better than the first version.

Edit: I'm thinking about editing this story heavily because Keiko's way too much of a Mary-Sue. I'm thinking of making this story more like Clannad and taking out all of the "Bleach-ness".

2. Title: The Demon Samurai

Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor/Drama/Tragedy/Fantasy

Summary: Hotaru is a young samurai girl who lives peacefully with her family and friends in a small village. That is until a demon shows up and destroys everything and everyone. When confronting the demon, Hotaru is almost killed and loses her left arm to the beast. This story is about her journey to avenge her fallen village and her goal to become the greatest samurai ever, regardless whether or not she has her arm. Inspired by Naruto and InuYasha.

Rating: T possible M due to violence and Hotaru's catchphrase... ("Badass" is a word she commonly uses.)

Other: Expect this one to be out sooner then Death Angel as I've already started writing it. I have over 1500 words so far and it's about 40 percent done. I'm trying to make this as long as an anime episode would be.

Final comments: I have re-written this story multiple times and it is my first original story ever. Warning: You may eventually become annoyed with Hotaru constantly saying "badass" and her personality but if you've been able to watch Naruto for the past few years, I'm sure you'll be fine. (Note: Hotaru's personality and several other characteristics are based off of Naruto Uzumaki.)

3. Title: Silver Light/Ginhikari

Genres: Comedy/School-life/Slice-of-life/Friendship/Drama/Parody/light shonen-ai

Summary: Gin Okita had just begun high school, hoping to have a normal high school life. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding and his mean-looking appearance, he was branded as a delinquent on the first day of school and looked down upon by his peers. However, despite no one even going near him, he meets a young man who sees his innocence and offers to help, the beloved student council president, Hikari Ike. Ike’s goal is to make Okita loved by all his peers and respected even among upperclassmen because he knows that he’s actually a really good person. After forcing him to join the student council, Ike opens a request box for the students to send their problems over to them. Together him and Okita will take on the requests.

Rating: T

Other: I have no idea how long this will be. It’s episodic like Gintama, Sket Dance, and Medaka Box with a few arcs. No clue if it’ll be a full-on shonen-ai story later on but it is implied as a running gag but it’s mostly friendship. Majorly inspired by Gintama with Medaka Box, Denpa Kyoushi and Super Dreadnought Girl 4946 also contributing.

Edit: Been working on this one a lot recently. So far, it's interesting and I like it. It's heavily like Sket Dance with a bit of Hayate no Gotoku mixed in. After I work on some more background, I just need to get better at drawing and write this manga.

4. Title: Psychotic Lover

Genre: Drama/Friendship/Comedy/Romance/Psychological/Shoujo-Ai

Summary: "I... I like you! But that's exactly why I don't want to get any closer to me. If you do I'll... I'll... I'll end up killing you for sure!!" Born from a long history of psychopaths, her destiny is to lose her sanity as well--which may take away all she holds dear. As such, our young heroine isolates herself from the world. Despite this, the clueless class-representative extends her hand out towards the dangerous girl. "It'll be fine. You're too kind to murder, Saeko-chan." Will it really be fine, I wonder?

Rating: T/Possible M due to certain themes and undertones

Other: Yes, you read right. Despite this being *much* darker than what I normally tackle, I'll still attempt to add a little humor here and there. I'm not a very serious person you see Haha. This is actually the closest to getting written right now after Magical Sonata because I intend to make it shorter than the others due to the nature of the story. (It's not exactly something that I can stretch out for an extended amount of time. ;) It's shoujo-ai as of now simply because I thought it would be a more interesting thing to write. So far, it's developing alright.

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