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Hi guys!! I recently transfered here from and left some of my devoted reader :( But I couldn't stand the way Quizilla made it so difficult to upload stories. It never posted it the way I wanted.

I also want to apologies ahead of time because I do take awhile to update my stories. I cant help it! I get writers block and everything just stops working. I dont want to rush a story just to get chapters up. But your long waits will be worth it though. If I disappear for a long time i'm SUPER SUPER SORRY. I have such a busy life with college, work and actually doing things other then being near a computer.

Let me not waste anymore of my time and just introduce myself.

Name: FallenNight Only my readers from Quizilla know my real name ;)

Age: July 18, 1992 Do the math

Sex: Female!

Please feel free to check out my other stories on http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1839362/xXFallen_NightXx

About the Stories I read & write:

1.) I love baby daddy stories and hot romance stories! But I do not and will not ever write them with characters under the age of 17. I do not like or approve of teenage pregnancies. Even though now a days its common. I dont want to support or encourage it. Even though I was naughty when I was younger, the older I get the more I realize that its not good and doesn't look right for young people to do those sort of things. I know I sound like a old prune but it just doesnt set right with me to read about 14yrs having sex Or pregnant. Sorry but sex is better and more appealing when grown people do it. Its like supporting child pornography if you write about stuff like that. I know teen pregnancy happen a lot now but I dont want to read about characters following the things society does and degrading morals. So I say this now I WILL NOT read or write any stories that consist of characters under the age of 17 having sex or getting pregnant. Unless it has a moral point that shows people the hardship of a teen pregnancy and that getting pregnant at such a young age can be extremely hard, I wont approve.

2.) I like stories that are different and unique. It was very hard to find that on Quizilla. Every wrote the same story line!! It was either an arranged marriage that had the predictably plot or the sweet girl that falls in love with the school player/jerk. Unless it's got some spice to it or some awesome twist I rather not waste my time -_-

3.) I hate stories were the girl falls in love with a total ass and gets played and mistreated but still loves him and some how changes his ways. No no no no no! I hate players to the bitter bottom whores too They should not have a happy ending!! I also dont like the situation with the virgin losing it to a guy thats screwed some many girls that he cant remember. I'm really old school. So if the dude/ chick has screw more than a handful I personally think thats way to many!! Even though they way society is now and we see situations like this everyday, I just dont want to read or write about it. I get enough of it in the real world.

Please & thank you for listening to me complain =)

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