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Hey, I'm Chris.I'm _ years old(wouldn't you like to know.) and living my life like a normal teen of this generation(there was a hint!). I love my hometown and try everthing I can to keep it clean (no, I'm not a tree hugger! People can love the enviro and not hug trees.) My favorite number is 7, the day of my birthday. I love to write random-thought-passing-through-my-head poems (which eventually turn into songs.)(i play the piano and a little guitar.), those are what inspire me when I'm down.(haha, i know it sounds weird.) I love driving through the old parts of towns and looking at the old buildings cracked with paint, looking rustic with their old name's paint cracking away as well(sorry, moment of inspiration there:)

well, my about my writing so you'll know if you want to read it. if you just use common sense you'll know what every girl dreams of, true love (haha! i can see all the guys reading this grimacing.). When a girl is going through a rough time in their relationships, they write about it, natural thing to do. Even if their dreaming of that PERFECT guy, they have to tell the world. I write in my journal and write poems to let it out( Since there's no way I'm posting my journal on the Internet, I have to settle for my poems.). "love is so unpredictable and you never know when it can change..."

ok, mushy part is over (lols). As I go through life, I catergorize it into things I can and can't do. I can make a difference, but there's no way I can become president so I'll have to take a different path, even though it's rough and rocky. I love my God, and all I can do is strive to do my best for His glory only. I can get glory from man in general by doing something great, but you know what, it's the little things in life that make such a big difference. You don't have to be a superstar to be remembered. When your life comes to an end, how will people remember you? Just think about it! Will you be known as the worst criminal of all time or as the person who loves others, and tries to encourage and help them!

Well, there was another moment of inspiration!! I love my bffs, they are my life! Where would I be today without them?! I especially love the outdoors. We have this cliff in my backyard, and most days, you can just go out there, think, and listen to the birds chirping their happy songs away to you! It's super amazing, just to sit there and look around you and see God's beautiful creation!(yes, another moment of inspiration.)! I love converse. Where would the world be today without converse. I mean they are just so... original!!(haha) There is a number of things that I hate, but i won't go into detail (:D).

Right now, I'm working on alot of things to post, which will hopefully be posted REALLY soon for you guys to read. Right now, I'm in the middle of writing a story called "Lady Hood". Which is based on the TV series of Robin Hood that just came out a couple of years ago. The only twist is that it's from Lady Marian's perspective(sound interesting already?!). Also, any random poems might be posted if they have to do with a catergory on this site.

Well, thanks for wasting 3 minutes of your day on me!(haha)!Hope you will all read my stories (which I'll post as soon as they are written.haha) and please review!!


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