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current sociology and psychology major.
likes chocolate and rainy days.
was once this girl.

my kitty, kanga, is also a writer!
she has made an effort to eat more
vegetables so i have given her a
weekly allowance of laptop time.


5/28/13. took some time for myself after school ended on the 27th of april. i ended up with a 4.0 GPA! success! now that i'm done with that till september, i have more time to dedicate to my writing :)

speaking of which, i have just updated dead! with it's rewritten third chapter; be on the lookout for chapter four soon. i updated the unspoken rules of our relationship as well if there are any fans of that out there. also, i finished my latest pillowbook, lilium genus, a few minutes ago. i'll be starting another soon once the need strikes.

4/10/13. posted the american spirit today, a 5-7-5 haiku about food and america. still working on dead! and will probably finish the third chapter near the end of april. very busy with school.

4/1/13. still working on the third chapter of dead! i did plan out this chapter somewhat and i am around halfway done with where it should be. my word count tells me that i'm at 1,670 words and this is just around half; i promised lengthy chapters and i will deliver the goods.

3/28/13. updating dead! combined and edited the third and fourth chapters to make a mega second chapter. i'll be taking the formerly fifth chapter titled "peaches the vampire" and adding to it to make a mega third chapter. check it out and give me some feedback :)

3/19/13. just wrote a few haikus about my experience this morning. i suffer greatly from seasonal affective disorder and i decided to write about it for the first time ever. while it's not my first time writing haikus, i don't think i've posted any on fictionpress. shoot me a review or pm and let me know how i did :) also, i updated the unspoken rules of our relationship to include a few more rules and a couple new amendments.

3/18/13. thinking of continuing dead!; possibly combining previous chapters to make longer ones and editing the early chapters to make them hyper-detailed since I re-read it and thought they lacked development. after i'm satisfied with those, i'll start writing new chapters for dead!. i just think ethan and sara made an adorable couple.

3/17/13. been updating mostly on my pillowbook. i have started working on the newest chapter of train tracks; might take a while to actually get updated since i want to make it nice and long. also, i have two major papers to finish for school so i'm prioritizing!

2/27/13. been on quite a hiatus. as of right now, i'm wrapping up my second year at college so i'm pretty burnt out. however, i do want to get back to writing here on fictionpress; it was a definite release from the stress of my everday life.

i have lots of old stuff on here that i won't be continuing (with the exception of train tracks and the b side). rather than make another profile, i'll be making a distinction between my earlier stuff and new writings.

if anyone is still out there, thanks for sticking around :)

shiny new words...

The Unspoken Rules of Our Relationship: I wrote this for my boyfriend after we got into an argument. It made him laugh and we decided to keep this around and add to it. There's been one amendment so far and I'll continue to post more. In progress.

Transcendent: A little mini-poem I wrote some time ago. Complete.

To Dublin: An account of my journey to Dublin, Ireland within a year or so. Why I want to go, how this all started, blah blah blah. I'm really planning this out in advance; if anyone has any suggestions for places of interest, I am very willing to hear them :) In progress.

Lilium Genus: A brand spanking new pillowbook; number 11, to be precise. I promise to not suck this time. In progress.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Three haikus, all connected to tell a story. Complete.

The American Spirit: A haiku that popped into my head as I was eating a packaged cake slice that said it was distributed from California. I live in Michigan. Complete.

my early works...

Dark Purple Poetry: This is basically just the little bits of poetry that I write down on whatever I can find at the moment that inspiration strikes and then format later here on fictionpress. I like showing my poetry to people and then asking them to interpret it, it's fun because I'm not sure what I'm trying to say at the time that I write it. Complete.

Train Tracks: I have made it a goal to help my beloved Lexi hunt down the bastards that took her and her sister Kitty! Temporary Hiatus.

Sunflowers and Snapdragons (formerly If You Really Knew Me): A pillowbook about my thoughts, my stories, my secrets, everything. Raw, graphic, and unwanted. Complete.

Dead!: Ethan and Sara are back on their quest (which never really took off in the first place) to find out why Sara is still walking around despite being quite dead. As I mentioned, this one is just being edited as of right now and new chapters should be up by the middle of May if not earlier. Under Construction.

shakespeare was a sexual beast: My second pillowbook. Complete.

baby, i circle you: Pillowbook #3. Complete.

mementos from the backseat of my car: Pillowbook #4. Complete.

Verse 16: A poem I wrote in Health class when I was supposed to be listening to the importance of balancing exercise and calories. Oneshot.

anatomy of a dissection: Just a few words that popped up in my head and quickly wrote down and transformed into a poem. Oneshot.

like ghosts in the snow: Pillowbook #5. Complete.

the world kept spinning: Pillowbook #6. Complete.

The B Side: I'm giving James and Emily another shot. Temporary Hiatus.

intoxicating: A short little poem about a split second decision concerning love. awww. Oneshot.

we need a revolution: Pillowbook #7. Complete.

1:55 am: A poem for letting go. I think maybe I needed this one more than I realized. Oneshot.

the voices in my head don't echo: My personal variation on a pillowbook-- cloudbooks. Complete.

RayneKat: You know that storyline that you wanted to try out because it might be cool but ended up sucking so bad that you decided to just disown it and deny its existance? Yup. Discontinued.

apples taste like september: Pillowbook #8. Discontinued.

Nevermind: A series of essays that I never continued. Never will. Discontinued.

Undressing: I'm not even sure what this was supposed to be. Pillowbook #9. Discontinued.

Defined: My writing is reflecting a change in me. Whether it's good or bad, I don't know. Possibly Pillowbook #10? Discontinued.

Burning: Collection of poetry. Discontinued.

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