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Penname: Steralyne (It's some sort of strange gas that I made up. It's supposed to rid the air of toxins and fumes, and also create a barrier that can contain a massive explosion, vibration and spread of a contagious element within an area the barrier is sealing off from the area's surroundings. It's like ice, and it's harmless~!)

Age: Ranging from ten to eighteen/10 to 18. Yes, I dare you to guess my age. ... Nah, it's twelve/12. Believe me, I ain't kidding. If I was, I'd be saying a few months old!

Gender: Well, I'm a girl. ... That was one problem solved.

Homeland: It's Singapore, people. I'm a loyal citizen of the LITTLE RED DOT. But I don't speak Singaporean. I speak DEFINITE PROPER ENGLISH.It's different from Singapore's derivative of the English language, S'inglish, which is really (in my opinion and of course I wouldn't want to express any means of offense towards my own country) just intolerable when I hear them speak. It's like hearing a screeching chalkboard.

Appearance: I also wouldn't dare to share a lot of information so I'm putting everything in obvious and general answers. What is my height? Well, I'm probably taller than a 1.6 in meters. I was the third tallest girl in class! And I still am today. Well, that is, until I go for Secondary and High school. By then I would be inferior about other people's heights. What is my weight? Nah, this is kinda normal to say it out loud. I'm above 44 and less than 50 kg. Heavy, right? I thought so too! I'm not really ashamed of myself... ironically.

What is my hair color? My dear child, like almost every Singaporean, our hair color stays constant as BLACK~! Of course, I'm willing to grow long hair until it reaches those two lumps on my back I feel when I move and exert my arms in whacky movements and motions. It's born to be curly, my mother says. What is my eye color? Again, like almost EVERY Singaporean, we always have black, brown, and grey eyes! Of course, mine are brown, like those chocolate brownies.Yum yum.

Likes: I'll try to categorize in the following sections below.

Food -
To tell the truth, I'd eat anything that is edible. I like fruit salads, chicken kebabs, you name it. I enjoy eating pizza and everything cheese. I'm a cheese lover, milk lover and ice cream lover- Okay, you know what? I'm a dairy product lover! I eat Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream at least five times a year! It's just damn expensive. Like... 20 bucks for just a cup of ice cream. Nevertheless, it's worth it anyway. I also love drinking Starbucks coffee and and I really do like coffee, like a lot. At my age... people tell me I'm weird because I'm the only one in my WHOLE SCHOOL who drinks coffee the most. I'm proud to say, I'm a coffee addict!

Clothes -
Casual clothing is my style frankly. I just love those clothes the businessmen wear. Besides, us Singaporeans- we- we always wear typical shirts, jeans, shorts and plain ol' slippers! I am disgusted. I always go out covered (of course at such times I would wear skirts or hugging jeans which are alright because they only expose a bit above the knee and mostly the lower half of the legs, unless the half's covered) in tights and school-style T-shirts or even long-sleeved one when it's raining. I seldom wear hats but on some occasions, I do make an effort to wear one. Heh, I just love them hats! Also, I have the tendency to run around in combat boots. People say to me why I wear those just because I was born a girl. I typically reply, "They're not like sneakers (even though I also adore sneakers) and when you wear them, you can do parkour much more easily AND you can have POWER OVER PEOPLE! Now bow down to me! (I kicked anyone who dares opposes me)"

TV Shows -
Disney Channel in Asia is officially ruined. I don't dare watch it again, but I do for the movies at half past seven in the evening. Besides, the reality TV shows are just hideous. Hannah Montana can kiss my ass! Anyway, I still watch FOX and FOX Crime as well as AXN, FX, SyFy and Warner TV. The documentaries I see are also from such channels from Discovery to Animal Planet. I prefer watching young-adult/adult rated TV shows. Of course, I just plainly skip those adult-rated EXPLICIT scenes. Don't care about them, after all. W-Wait, and I do watch the news. I don't forget to watch them, I swear! Besides, I just enjoy White Collar, Criminal Minds, River Monsters, NCIS, CSI, KDABRA, Bones, Air Crash Investigation, Dogfights and Archerfar too much that I sometimes forget to watch and find out what's happening all over the world... Ha ha... Ha... Ha. Ahem.

Talents: I'm really talented in a lot of stuff. So, like Likes, I'm categorizing.

Ah, wait. First, let me tell you about my school progress! ... In Singapore, we were dumber than fifth graders. We do not understand geography or even world history until we reach High School. Of course, I still have my cards for my academical studies! And they're all full houses. I achieve FULL A-stars for Mathematics, As (Not 'as', but the A-grade) for English and Science along with some A-minus for my other languages like German and French. I only had B+ for my Malay language. Ugh.

However, I also excel in my piano skills. I'm currently in Grade 7 and is now learning a lot and whole lot of sight-reading and oral. No, seriously. I have to practice both my eyesight, responsive skills and my voice projection too. Thankfully, I have a PIANO PARTNER to aid me! And he's a pervert. ... Yeah. I quit violin playing a long time ago and I stopped at Grade 4. Yeah, big waste of my time BUT I still have my violin and I do play some tunes for the kindergarten pupils once in a while. There was the music lessons in class where I was one of the lucky ones to sing songs for the class. Yeah, I'm the second best singer in class and my voice-box needs some pills after every god damn lesson. But I really do love being in the limelight. He he. I'm a showoff.

My teachers and peers praise me for being such a good artist as well, or at least as far as I'm told. I am just so interested in manga and anime drawing that I always practice drawing comic strips and pictures about my favorite characters. I'm currently into semi-realistic pencil sketches and a bit of charcoal painting. Wow. I always run out of my ammunition to continue drawing, sadly. I like those kind of art lessons where we learn about doing art on HAND. Not on those computer programs the people use nowadays. Let's reflect back on the past and learn a lot more from it! I do love Claude Monet and Salvador Dali. I won two awards from my school with 'BEST IMPROVED IN ART' and 'THIRD PLACE'in some art competition I don't recall. Laughing my ass off.

That's pretty much all my talents. Other than speaking like a motivational speaker. No really, people say I'm an encouraging little comforter. It's a compliment, I was told.


1. English Muffins (DISCONTINUED) First failure. Hah.

2. The Singapore Spirit (COMPLETE)It was an essay, really. I didn't get to submit it but I thought I put in a lot of effort into it so I might as well share with all the fellow readers and writers of Fiction Press! I really didn't know what genre to put, to be absolutely frank. I don't even know what I'm actually picking for the perfect genre...

3. The Shanghai Teahouse (IN PRODUCTION)It's a collection of cute short stories between random people and some couples I've seen in real life. Gotta admit, some couples are just so dead cute. There's gonna be at least five stories in it. The story itself will be cute. It's all cuteness, and no hotness. Hotness will come later. Yes, yes, I'm under aged but- I HAVE THE MIND OF AN ADULT! Yeah, I'm a real bad example towards kids.

4. Plain Pressed Roses (IN PRODUCTION)Woah oh oh. M-Rated story right there, pal and MAJOR SCENES IN IT. Remember when I told you I skip those scenes? Well, those were on TV. But on books, wow I never skip it. Fabulous, fascinating, great vocabulary. Love the scene, wanna recreate it my own way and show it to the public! Well. Making babies is fine because it's Science. Science, people, science.

5. Yours Sincerely, XXXXX (SECOND THOUGHTS IN PRODUCTION) It's a sad and somewhat horrifying story where a damsel receives a letter, and she is hunted down by somebody. She tries to run away from a killer, and she stumbles upon a large facility where there's a lot of letters and such. Then, slowly and slowly, the conditions of the facility weaken as the damsel emerges from the light and into the dark bowels of a mansion, to meet the killer. Something like that I suppose.

6. Mondlicht Septett (IN PROGRESS) A five-chapter story about a young man who's alone so he brings a friend along with him home, and as a storm settles in, his friend is stuck with him for the rest of the day, including the night. Being a young musician, the man shares the same position as his friend. However, he possesses traumatic experiences and abusive torture from his past that his developing madness slowly gains control of him, as well as his friend. Nevertheless, he wouldn't expect someone who could accept him. Besides, good things come when you let a friend in your house... alone. SAME SIDE CHARACTERS IN PLAINED PRESSED ROSES, POSSIBLE PRELUDE TO IT.
1) Ein Strauß Rosen (DONE)
2) Luna Zifferblätt (IN PROGRESS)
3) Unverständlich Notizen
4) Verzicht zu Schwerkraft
5) Melodischen Flüstert (DONE) Lol, I make the epilogues first. Ha ha!

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