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Heylo!! I'm Lemonn-Limee.

I'm a teenager, and I leeeeoooovvvveee my friends. Have a ton. :)) And some of them are the best friends a girl could ask for. We are so crazy when we are together!! :) I'm not a prep, I'm just crazy and hyper like, 24-7 (unless I'm not.) I'm a brunette, but my family swears I should be blonde. I have a fanfiction, same name as this one. I love to read, write. Love horses. Play soccer and basketball and run track, although I'm not very good at any of them because I'm not naturally athletic. I am a cheerleader, but as I said before, I AM NOT a prep. I hate the stereotype that all cheerleaders at snobby prissy butts who 'rule the school' because, frankly, they aren't.I'm Lazyyy!! Well, about somethings, and not about others. I'm a procrastinator. I can't spell. At all. But that's what Google Chrome and spell checker are for! I'm like every teenage girl in the world. I like someone who doesn't like me back. I LOVE lime green!! I like to rollerblade in my basement.

My Name Lemonn-Limee. I chose Lemonn-Limee mostly because I got tired of having my name refer to one book series or one thing on fanfiction, So I wanted something that I thought I would keep for a while. My bffl (BANANA...A.K.A. EVERYTHING.I.KNOW.is.a.LIE) told me it fit me well. So, I'll leave a list of why it fits me. Green is my absolute favorite color. Yellow is NOT my favorite color. I (SHE TOLD ME THIS) am a good person, and Limes are good. I can be sour, and Lemons are sour. Give me sugar I (if u think hyper is better) act better (lemons taste better.) Im too lazy to think of more. And well, i just kept that name for this site.

I try to review every story I read because I like to know what people think, so I think other people would like to know what I think. I love it when people review my stories, or even review reply to my reviews, because it lets me know that my effort is not wasted to someone.

My ideas for my stories I either get from my life, (my friends, my family) or from books I read. I try to change everything around from books i read if i get an idea to make it completely mine.

I really like fantasy stories, I think things that can never happen in life make great material for stories. They fully stretch your imagination. Mysteries are cool, too; I like to try to beat the main character to the punch and solve it first. Action and Romance are OK, depending on what mood I'm in. I like to read the stories in the general category, because I never know whats going to be there. All in all, I like to read.

After I put some of my stories up, I'll write some things about my characters on here. For now, bye! :)

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